GTA V 1.10 update at 4.74GB, notes fix graphics

By Daniel Chubb - Apr 2, 2015

The Grand Theft Auto V 1.10 update is now live and has a file size of 4.74GB on the PS4 system. This patch comes just a few days after the previous fixes seen at the end of last month, and players are wondering if the first GTA V update in April has fixed the graphics problems some have reported.

While the 1.09 fixes focused on stability and the online/story mode improvements, the April 2 update focuses on a fix for graphics issues. The exact notes can be seen below, which state a “fix to address graphical issues across GTA Online and Story Mode”.


How is GTA V performing on PS4 and other systems after the latest update? Have you noticed graphical changes and improvements? The official Rockstar Games blog hasn’t updated with the full patch notes at the time of writing, so for now we can only look at the PS4 icon update history for details. This doesn’t always detail everything, as seen with the changelog showcased in a screenshot on this page thanks to just one line of information.


Each time we report updates to GTA V they always come with insight from Product Reviews readers, as well as further complaints about certain glitches and errors when playing GTA Online. Recently we heard about “frequent unknown network errors” and “constant freezing”, so feel free to share issues you have below along with how your game is performing after the latest patch.

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  • Rvaz

    When the download achieve 4,543 gb it’s back to 4,442 gb again and again…