Unlock AW Infection Zombies Meat is Murder achievement

Well that didn’t take long. Only 24 hours or so after Infection zombies launched with Ascendance, we can see that one player has already completed the full easter egg and unlocked the Infection Zombies ‘Meat is Murder’ achievement reward.

That person is NoahJ456 who could well be the very first person in the world to complete the easter egg and upload a video with evidence of the final reward.

We’ve added that video below, confirming that once you set Bubby free you’ll unlock the 50G achievement and get a couple of instant power-ups too for your efforts.


The achievement is the real prize on offer though, along with the satisfaction of completing yet another easter egg for Call of Duty zombies.

If you are looking for help on how to complete the first steps of the Infection easter egg, you’ll want to check our initial report yesterday.

Watch the video below and let us know if you and your friends have managed to solve it too. How do you rate this easter egg compared to Outbreak and easter egg quests from Treyarch?



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