Destiny Xur hype for April 3

By Alan Ng - Apr 15, 2015

It’s that time again for Destiny players, as we look forward to another showing from Xur, Agent of the Nine in Destiny. What will the Destiny Xur location for April 3 bring now, one week after Xur had the lovely Mida Multi tool?

It’s fair to say that Xur has been in form for the best part of a month. If we recall, we have now had the Mida Multi tool, the Red Death and the Hard Light within the last three weeks.

Can Xur keep up his lucky streak and this week offer the Thunderlord, another heavily requested exotic from fans which we haven’t seen Xur carry for a long time?

We don’t want to jinx it but we really hope it happens. Either way, we are just glad that we are not seeing the same old weapons appear such as the No Land Beyond, Plan C and Dragon’s Breath.


If he has the Suros Regime, we’d be very happy with that too – Gjallarhorn can wait as far as we’re concerned.

Remember that this week, the times are going to be different for UK players. The UK clocks have now moved forward, so Xur will be spawning at 10am UK time, 2am Pacific Time and 5am Eastern Time – the US clocks have already moved into Daylight Savings Time remember.

So there we have it – do you agree that Xur has been forgiven these recent weeks? It’s funny how everyone says that they hate him, but as soon as he has gear such as the Hard Light or Red Death – he becomes a hero again.

What are you personally hoping to see from Xur’s inventory on April 3?

UPDATE: It’s Dragon Breath again guys – Xur has offered this Dark Below rocket launcher many times now. Find Xur outside by the railings, video with full inventory here.

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  • The one hit wonder

    Suros regime it is time to bring back the most popular weapon back I’d be damed if he does nlb or icebreaker again or even TLW

  • Nate Brown

    Praying to RNGesus for Patience… and Time

    • Ryan Stanley

      I feel you. Only exotic I need to complete my collection. It’s easter, so that’s when RNGesus was crucified, so he has to give something good.

  • peezy1234

    The only exotic weapon I need is the SUROS REGIME! Ive been grinding like crazy trying to get it and still no luck. Id also like to see the ARMAMENTARIUM titan chest piece, which would complete my exotic armor collection.

  • JonJon77

    There are no exotics I don’t have so, it doesn’t matter to me. The only exotic weapon or armor I don’t have is The Radiant Dance Machines. And I consider those to be a tremendous waste of an exotic slot. Having all of them kind of takes the excitement of Xur coming away. New exotics are coming with The House of Wolves though.

  • Lloyd

    Hawkmoon. Last word… nothing else

    • C Fresh

      It has already been confirmed that Xur will not sell any PSN (time released) exclusive at least until it is available on both consuls, but your wish for The Last Word is still there!