Bloodborne 1.02 update notes kill duplication glitch

Earlier this week we touched upon the Bloodborne duplication glitch which some players were using to get faster times in their Bloodborne speed run efforts.

Now, we can see that From Software have just gone live with the Bloodborne 1.02 update on PS4 and that the duplication glitch has specifically been targeted.

Furthermore, the Bloodborne 1.02 patch notes include a serious fix involving the Lunarium Key as players should now be able to obtain it as normal under any circumstances.


The full patch notes as they appear in-game on the PS4 have been included in the image above. It’s interesting to note that the Bloodborne item duplication glitch has not been specifically mentioned in the ‘bug fixes’ section of the notes – but it’s definitely been fixed.

What other areas have From Software fixed in the game compared to the launch build? If you have been playing since the update, let us know what else you have spotted below.

Overall, are you happy with your launch purchase or do any of you regret it?



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