Solve Advanced Warfare Infection Zombies Easter Egg

By Alan Ng - Mar 31, 2015

How is everyone getting on with Infection zombies? The new map has just launched on Xbox and right away, players are already looking at how to complete the Infection zombies easter egg.

We can see right away that SH Games has once again put another easter egg into the map, continuing the tradition of the series and we’re assuming continuing the mysteries on from Outbreak.

Now, as far as we’re aware, nobody has fully completed the Infection easter egg but some clever players have already managed to complete several steps.


To get you started, we can already tell you that the first step of the Infection zombies easter egg, is to open up the valves in the sewers in the correct order.

Doing so will gain access to the alter room behind the water fall and allow you to move onto the next step. YouTuber NoahJ456 seems to be leading the way once again in solving the mystery and we advise you to bookmark his page here if you want to see him complete the steps quickly – he’s already on step 3 right now.

Alternatively, you may wish to see how NGTZombies complete the Infection easter egg, which is probably tradition for some of you if you have been following them ever since Black Ops 1.

Either way, the hunt is on right now and we can’t wait to see what the Infection Easter Egg reward is. Watch the video below to get you started and leave your progress below on how far you have managed to get.

Do you know if anyone has completed it yet? Feel free to ask for help if you are stuck on a step – other players will gladly help you out.

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  • Joshua

    I’m having trouble doing the Easter egg. the lights in the burger won’t come on. it’s really dark in there an it won’t let me finish the Easter egg

  • Don

    Anyone still having issues of getting booted?

  • dan

    Completed easter egg multiple times. Bubby the drivethru guy will fight with you for a round then die leaving 3 upgrades (power surge , multi, hyper damage, reload etc.)

  • dan

    The burger has a rocket. And also contains the upgrade system to go higher than 20

  • There’s a valve you can turn under the burger where the ladder is on top of burger town…. don’t know if anyone noticed

    • josh

      I noticed that earlier.. it looks and sounds like a hatchdoor to get inside the burger