Mortal Kombat X story mode looks fantastic

By Alan Ng - Mar 31, 2015

All the talk has been about how great Mortal Kombat X multiplayer looks, but now is the time when we finally see how good the Mortal Kombat X story looks too.

Good is actually a huge understatement. NetherRealm Studios has released the entire 30 minute MKX intro to the game and it looks absolutely incredible.

We have the entire clip for you to watch and enjoy below. It features some amazing graphics, not to mention cameos from a whole host of characters that have not been confirmed as playable yet – Fujin as one example!


The helicopter scene in particular when Scorpion turns up and does his thing is particularly epic too. We loved the MK9 story and how that was created, but it looks like NetherRealm’s team may have outdone themselves this time.

Just watch the clip for yourself and let us know your thoughts afterwards. If you were previously on the fence before about whether or not there would be enough focus on SP, this clip definitely silences that claim hands down.

How good does Mortal Kombat X look, seriously?

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