Dyson Pure Cool US, UK price and availability queried

By Peter Chubb - Mar 31, 2015

For some reason Dyson decided to launch its new bladeless fan in Beijing, which seems like the perfect place to release the Dyson Pure Cool (AM11), as it is designed to also purify the air. Before we take a look at the device itself, we do find it strange how we already know its release in Japan, and price, yet its US and UK price and availability is unknown at this time.

We can fully understand why this has been queried, seeing as though Dyson is a British brand and has huge success in the US and UK. Having said that, the Dyson Pure Cool seems like the perfect market for Beijing because of the terrible air quality at times.

Dyson Pure Cool US, UK price

You can clearly see that this latest fan from Dyson closely resembles some of its others, but there is a lot of new tech gathered inside. You can clearly see a glass HEPA filter around its base, which will help to remove around 99.95 percent of ultrafine particles.

What’s more, you will not have to change the filter for up to 4,382 hours of use, or around six months if used 24/7. However, if you only use the Pure Cool for around half that time, then the filter will last about a year. A demonstration video can be seen below.

As for its price, we do know that it is to cost HK$5,580 in Hong and ¥69,984 in Japan.

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