Ascendance DLC live for Infection Zombies at 5.95GB

We have been keeping you up to date with the Advanced Warfare Ascendance DLC release time with our initial thread, but now we can confirm that the Ascendance DLC has just gone live for Xbox One.

We can confirm that the Ascendance DLC file size on Xbox one is 5.95GB so you better get installing asap as it will take a while on slow connection speeds.

As a reminder, the content will include four new multiplayer maps, the OHM-Werewolf weapon and the brand new Infection Exo-Zombies map.


We know that most of you are just concerned about the Infection zombies map, so don’t forget to watch a detailed trailer breakdown of the last trailer that SH Games released a few days ago.

We are installing the content right now – check your own system as it should be live! Have fun everyone and let us know how you get on with Infection after playing a few rounds.

Feel free to leave your Infection tips and strategies below for those that need help starting off.



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