Advanced Warfare Ascendance DLC download problems

By Alan Ng - Mar 31, 2015

While we have been able to download the new Ascendance DLC for Advanced Warfare without any problems, we’ve been seeing some complaints that the download isn’t working for others.

Some gamers are frustrated that they can’t download the Ascendance DLC on Xbox One, even though they have the Season Pass – with the Marketplace telling them that they still need to pay for the new content.

We remember this exact problem happening with the Havoc DLC and it appears that the same thing is now taking place with the latest pack.


A quick look on Twitter confirms that others are having the same issues as well and so far, there’s been no word from SH Games on a potential fix.

With the Havoc download, we remember that this fixed itself after a few hours so it could just be a case of hanging tight until the new Ascendance content is fully compatible and accessible for those with the Season Pass.

When we hear more we’ll update this, but for now let us know if the Advanced Warfare Ascendance DLC download is not working for you, or if you’ve been able to install without any issues.

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  • Keenan

    I brought everything and the dlc has downloaded andinstalled but no maps or Eco zombies maps yet pretty pisse off

  • Luke Barnett

    I bought everything and OHM gun doesn’t come up
    pretty pissed off

  • Nick Lancaster

    My friend downloaded the ascendance dlc on my Xbox One, however, exo zombies only works when his profile is playing.

  • Dave

    I have the ohm but i can’t join the ascendence and I paid for it. When I press on the ascendence it’s say that I have something wrong what do i do

  • Dave

    And I have a ps3

  • Dave

    Because I paid money for this so can someone tell me what do I do when the map pack does not work

  • Dave

    It doesn’t work for me aswell what do I do

  • Stevan Marriott


    I recently paid for and downloaded the DLC map pack 2 for my PS3 ( I DON’T HAVE THE MAP PACK 1 ) but it will not up load in the game…it says I still don’t have the pack. why???

    • Giselle

      Yeah it’s telling me the same thing

    • Keenan

      Same with me

  • Zaquiel Molvea V.

    i just bought a championship premium pack and a ascelance dlc pack. The championship package doesnt pop up in the exo suits and the dlc pack doesnt let me play with the gun. I am angry because thats the reason why i downloaded it. Somebody help me.

  • Jose Ruiz

    I downloaded the ascendance dlc and I had no problem the only thing is that I can’t choose the ohm or I can’t get the grapple hook its nowhere to be found if I go to the game options restrictions heavyweapons it pops out but the grapple hook doesn’t what should I do

    • Donavin Baker

      It is doing the same thing to me and I have the season pass as well.

  • Tayla

    I downloaded ascendance, but the ohm and grapple are not available.

  • Mustapha

    It doesnt even show me in the store that the dlc pack is up wth?!!!

  • alex

    i bought the ascendance dlc and I got all of it but noy the grapple playlist and the ohm

  • Anonymous

    Ive bought the season pass but it will only give me the weapons and atlas gorge, thats it!

  • Anonymous

    I know I’m ignorant…do you have to buy dlc pack 1 before you can download dlc pack 2? My son was told not to waste his money on 1 so we bought 2 but it won’t download. Is this a download issue or do we need pack 1 first?

  • jeff

    I have bought a acendance buthe my OHM is not showing up !!!! Why?????????

  • Sam Daniel

    I bought the season pass on Xbox 360 and it won’t give me the map pack but yet I have the ohm

  • Ben

    Yea I did 300 kills with the ohm ant it worked but in the store it says I do not have the season pass or ascendance DLC and I’m just worried I won’t get the next DLC weapon early so I won’t be able to do the 300 kills again

  • 99abk

    I have bought the season pass as well and it says I have to buy it to play on the maps. But I can use the OHM? this is weird lol

  • Anonymous

    I purchased acendance but when I click download nothing happened

    • anonymous

      Same oh my God it won’t download and I bought ascendance… what do I do?

  • Major pleb

    I bought the season pass but ascendance kept showing as £14.99 when I went to the xbox store. Also the store was showing that I needed to rebuy my season pass. This was very frustrating. Then I saw bmanswans post here and tried it as I already had 145 kills with the ohm. It really works. I was playing the new zombies and all the new maps immediately. Trust me get 300 kills with the ohm. It’s got to be quicker than waiting for shgames to come up with a bloody solution!. I waited 3days before trying this and was so frustrated. Thanks again bmanswan! U r a legend!!!!!!

  • Ben

    If you get 300 kills with the ohm you have to download content which is the asendance DLC IT works

  • Ben

    @shgames @micheal condrey
    I can’t download the DLC 2 for free even though I have the season pass however after downloading the compatability thing it says I do not have the season pass even though I have the ohm weapon and the atlas gorge map. Also I bought the havoc DLC the the season pass

  • CoD17

    Have they updated this yet? Has SH games put out a response yet?

  • Major pleb

    Bmanswan is telling the truth. I just got my 300 kills with the ohm and in inside a supply drop was the ohm Revamp (showing as downloadable) And booom! Ascendance was available!! Someone else told me also that if you sign out then sign in on ur xbox 360 with another/guest account (doesn’t have to be an xbox live account) play some ‘local’ matches then sign back into ur original account this also fixes it. Good luck. Thanks to u mr Bmanswan!!


    I’m on Xbox 1 and it won’t let me get the maps but gave me the ohm and the werewolf variant of the ohm. How do I get the maps without paying the 14.99 considering I already played the 60 and got the season pass? Any help would be appreciated.

  • bmanswan

    I was able to download ascendance because I unlocked the ohm revamp which is unlocked after 500 kills. I just click on the revamp and it asked if I would like to download the ascendance map pack. So in a weird way I snuck around the error. My gf wasn’t able to download it either and it says that we need to buy them again.

    • bmanswan

      Correction. She was able to download it now after she unlocked the ohm revamp

      • Harry

        i would recommend doing this yourself to anybody having this same problem of being charged for dlc when you own the season pass on 360…because i can confirm myself that this works

        thank you so much for finding this out…literally been waiting what 3 days now for dlc i already paid for and ive been checking these comments every other hour to make sure i wasnt the only one still waiting…i saw your comment and thought “could that be true?”…and as i jokingly told my gf “i may as well try it out…if it works then ill be excited and worst case scenario is that i waste a few hours…but at least itll spend time while i wait for them to fix their broken game” but yet…it worked im downloading it now…was really easy too that gun is good

        • Harry

          oh and just a quick correction…it was only 300 kills not 500 🙂 so it doesnt even take that long 🙂 just play free for all for lots of kills…attachments help i used stock, rapid fire, and extended mags once i unlocked those but yea good luck everyone…and bmanswan again thank you so much for sharing because you just made this strangers day (and potentially others who stumble upon this comment as well)

  • Ben Wymer

    i still cant download this damn dlc i just wanna play the new zombies. ive had the season pass since the first dlc. how do i fix this?

  • John

    I downloaded the ascendance and it downloaded. But when I went to try the ohm. It said the ohm didn’t download. I tried to reinstall but it didn’t work. Micheal Condrey, quit tweeting and fix this!

    • Paul

      same thing happened to me! I have the Ascendance maps but the new weapon (Ohm) didn’t come with it and when I tried to click on it it says download the season pass or the map pack but I already have it its just the weapon didn’t come with it! please help

      • Scott

        The same thing has happened to me to. I have downloaded the Ascendance DLC and I don’t have access to the OHM for some reason and when I try to select it, it says I already have the map pack, it’s annoying! I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling but no joy. Any solutions?!

  • LoveForCookies

    I purchased the season pass (Xbox 360) but it says i have to purchase it and when i try to download it, it downloads but it still says i have to buy it. I download the ascendance DLC and it says “Cant Download Ascendance” or somthing similar to that FIX IT PLEASE THIS IS SO ANNOYING.

  • Zac

    I bought the season pass (on Xbox 360) a couple of weeks ago. Now the Ascendance pack won’t download and it’s trying to charge me for it. The store is also saying that I haven’t bought the season pass even thought I have the Ohm and Atlas gorge map pack and it says I bought it in my download history. 🙁

  • call of duty

    If you have your Xbox 360 get the dlc on it then your Xbox one

  • MurkinQueen421

    I have an Xbox 360. I bought the season pass online through the Xbox store.. I still can’t access the new dlc maps, it’s saying I need to purchase them AGAIN. Pretty disappointed the whole reason I bought the pass was to have instant access to the new maps the day they drop… & I can’t even play them -.-

    • Ivan

      Same here! I’m not the only one.. thank god..

      • Ben


  • IneverGOTtheOHMorAE4

    I Downloaded/Bought Ascendance And I Didn’t Get the New zombies map Or the OHM

  • shaven monkeee

    Activisions advice is to download it on xbox 360. Are they stupid. Like most people I traded my 360 to help buy the one. Do they not think about what they say before saying it!

  • Newton

    My advance warfare stopped working the day the new dlc came out. Any pointers what to do? I have deleted and reinstalled everything, but no joy. Tells me that a downloadable content is missing. I’m so frustrated

    • pobo13

      Reinstall the game

      • Newton

        Game is on disc, have reinstalled everything that is possible but it still doesn’t work.

    • pieface

      You want to sign out of your xbox live and launch advance warfare. Go as far into the game as you possibly can whilst signed out. It should then prompt you to install updates

  • deyildude

    im on 360 aswell and apparently everyone else seems to be able to download it just fine on 360

    • Chris

      I’m also on a 360 with a season pass trying to download it and it doesn’t work for me either. It doesn’t think I ever bought the season pass.

      • MurkinQueen421


        • baspepijn

          me to

  • deyildude

    it still wont let me download it without paying, it seems to be fixed for everyone except me

  • Delboy Fiveash

    Any1 have a fix for it on 360. I get 2 99% then just says cant download????

  • shaven monkeee

    This is infuriating. What is the point of a season pass. Its meant to give you all the good stuff first. It cant even manage to give it to us on time. I am almist tempted to just buy it so I can play. But I fear thats what they are hoping people will do.

    • jacob

      i cant get a credit card on my xbox so i have to go out and buy one of the little cards from the shop so i cant just purchase it which is annoying because i probably would’ve done it by now.

  • Dairick Horton

    I can’t believe sledgehammer is literally telling us we need to download it on the 360 first then download it on the xbox one! Seriously, I’m done with 360 and no longer have that console cause i bought an XBOX ONE YOU IDIOTS! Loosing my buisness with each passing minute sledghammer

  • Jacob

    This is not right Slegehammer 3 years of making and you guys still can’t fix this problem seriously 😡

    I was happy to play zombies and the grapple mode and I’m not able to cause it says yesterday that I have to pay 49$ for season pass and 14$ for DLC

  • Tubbo

    It says the store is updating what does that mean

  • Luke

    I sold my 360 version of advanced warfare.

  • TacoDave

    Yeah, been telling me since this morning that I have to pay. Not too aggravated though, because they’ll fix it eventually. People need to learn patience.

  • logan zuver

    I bought the season pass and its trying to still chsrge me for the season pass and the new dlc

    • baspepijn

      the same for me

  • Brian Nave


    • Snazzy C

      thanks for trying but no 360 here anymore

    • pobo13

      This is the one of the many reasons i kept my 360. Love it

  • NickM

    I’m on Xbox 360, and I literally just downloaded the ascendance DLC 20 min ago….It finished downloading and now when I go to play advanced warfare, it goes to load the main screen, but then tells me that a downloadable content package has been removed, or a profile is signed out.. Well I just downloaded the new DLC so I know it hasn’t been removed…And my profile is for sure signed in…It wont even let me get to the main campaign of Advanced Warfare. WTF

  • Snazzy C

    Wow… same problem every time. I even had this issue back in call of duty: ghosts. It does seem that they just want people to spend extra money this cant be that hard of a problem to fix. So guys i guess now owning a season pass gets you no perks just more problems. I mean people without season pass are already playing this dlc when season pass holders should be the first playing… wtf is going on in the gaming industry… money grubbing a holes if you ask me.

    • Brian Nave


  • bman

    How they going to released this map with out checking to see if it works would think they would have fix this after the first dlc.cant wait for the other 2 dlc messed please work on these before you release them…
    Whats the point of buying season pass if it dont work,we should be reedem

  • Joshua

    I figued out that if you still own your 360 and 360 copy of AW, then you can redeem it from there and have it redeemed on your One account.

  • Kevin

    Anyone here downloading from an xbox one that has aw on an Xbox 360 also? If so then I can help you download asdencence

    • Richard

      I Have It on both but it wont let me download it on the Xbox on

    • Ashley Renee Williams

      Okay, walk me through this.

    • jesse

      Ya how

  • Deven

    I have purchased the Season pass on COD AW when it costed 34.99 and now it is saying I have to re purchase it for 49.99. I have tired to re download it on my download history and still says I need to purchase it. This is really p*ssing me off. (ALL OF THIS IS ON THE XBOX 360)

    • ZombieKid

      That is exactly what happened to me I bought it when it waz 34.99 and it says I have to rebuy it for 49.99

      • Lms48

        Same thing with me. It says I have to pay for the season pass again even though it says I downloaded it in my history and I can play Atlas Gorge.

    • SPH

      Same exact thing here. Unbelievable.

    • logan zuver

      yeah thats what I paid for it and its saying 49.99 and trying to charge me for it and the new dlc…I cam use the ohm gun amd atlas gorge map also

    • Marty

      Yep me too. It wants me to pay for the season pass or the map pack even though I already bought the season pass. Hopefully they will fix this soon.

  • shakey

    Been waiting all day. I have the season pass.. On xbox360. Itd taking the piss

  • Matt

    I’ve downloaded it (not with the season pass) and I can play the play list but no zombies or grapple are available for me and it won’t allow me to use the ohm

  • Crad

    Hey all Iv not got the season pass but Iv diwnloaded todays dlc and all in fine apart from I haven’t got the new weapon ? It says buy the dlc ( that I already have ) or get from season pass. I click on the dlc one and says Iv already got the dlc but no gun lol on XBOX one

    • Jordin

      Me to!

      • Potato

        same here any suggestions?

  • Dairick Horton

    See that it moved around in the store, like microsoft has been doing something, but it’s still not working 4 me. Sux! Oh well, ill just play it 2night when i get home from work……

  • Shiftybobo

    Ain’t working

  • Brandon

    I just clicked on the in game store and it said it needed an update so i updated it thinking it would fix it but nope its still being a pos.

  • karma

    Still not working

  • hausetip1000 xbox

    Very upset. Think they are just trying to get us to spend a extra 15 , scums

  • Bb

    any news???

  • Dairick Horton

    Microsoft says they are wOrking on a solution. Wow Microsoft, you been dropping the ball to much lately, I’m a very dedicated xbox fan and have never even played a playstation console, but I’m half tempted to go by a Ps4 now, as your are loosing my loyalty!!!

    • Mskillet

      You’re *

  • Luke

    Still not working, it should only take them an hour as they know what the problem is, I hoped this glitch wouldn’t happen again, looks like I was wrong.

    • Brandon

      Did something like ths happen before?

    • BX81

      This is what happens when we show our support and pay up front. We are now at the mercy of a bunch of hacks who cant fix the same problem that happened before. Thanks for taking our money and treating the non season pass holders better. F@ck u!

  • Major pleb

    Still waiting for the fix. Says I need to buy the map pack but I already own season pass! (On 360)

  • Brandon

    Anyone know if there’s a solution or like a work around yet ?

  • Guest2

    I bought the season pass and it says in the store £11 this is on xbox 360

  • Guest


  • John Oxley

    I mean really this is too much!

  • John Oxley

    Last COD I’ll ever play seriously!! They will also be hearing from my top notch lawyer

  • Danielle Nicole

    I own season pass and cant download on the one. So ridiculous,i hope that the lesson has been learned. Dont EVER let Sledgehammer make another COD,leave it to the pros. Sure someone will comment “cut them some slack,its xbox one,next gen consoles have alot of these issues” blah blah,dont care,$50 wasnt spent to sit and wait 4 hours after downloAding update to allow me to redeem my content.

  • Ahh Lee

    I didn’t get the ohm that comes with the

    • Jordin

      I don’t get it either. Bought the dlc, but the ohm didn’t come with it for some reason.

      • Ahh Lee

        I contacted activision and they said they are investigating the issue.

  • Toxic

    What the hell we paid for it already and yet we cant download it

  • Sony

    Same problem on 360! Have several friends who could d/l with no problem

  • ST

    Downloaded it but it says that I do not own the mappack …

  • Mushydax

    Snap, getting sick of this now

    • Brandon


  • Brandon

    yup not downloading for me either even though I have the season pass.