Tinder not loading on Mar 30

By Daniel Chubb - Apr 20, 2015

The Tinder app is not loading right now according to users of the dating application found on both Android and iOS devices. Reports that the Tinder app was down first arrived in the UK evening on March 30, as those looking for the perfect match tried to browse pictures of possibilities and couldn’t login or get connected.

At first, we saw reports from some Product Reviews readers talking about verification problems with Tinder not sending codes, but later further status updates arrived in regard to a wider server outage. One commenter said, “I cant log in with my Tinder app on an iPhone 6, not sure if the servers are out”. Another user spoke about the app “crashing”, and “not loading at all” for at least 15 minutes of trying.

Tinder app down and not loading

We haven’t seen any details about server outages on the official Tinder Twitter page, which can be seen @Tinder. It’s worth mentioning this social account doesn’t receive many updates each month, so try status websites like Down Today, Is It Down or Just Me, and Down Detector instead.

Are you having problems with the Tinder app today and if so, what platform are you seeing the service down on? We have reached out to official support and the Twitter support channels, although we haven’t received a response at the time of writing. We will update this article if further details are provided.

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  • Sue

    can’t log in to tinder

  • Rachel

    Not letting me log in, from the UK. Before it logged out, my matches had dissapeared

  • Kelly

    Is the tinder server down? Not able to login, NYC.

  • Solly

    I can’t log into tinder.

  • Bob

    can’t get connected at all, hasn’t been loading for 30 minutes.