Tidal music streaming price cut by half

If you were looking to sign-up to a monthly subscription for the Tidal music streaming service, then there is good news, because right before its launch the price has but cut in half. This now means that you will pay just $10 per month for this service instead on $20.

Why has the Tidal music streaming price been cut by 50 percent? Well, it would seem that Jay Z & Co. are looking to compete with similar services such as Spotify and Beats Music, and so felt that the best and easiest way to do that was to reduce its price.

Looking on the company’s Twitter account it states that while its price has been reduced by half, users will still have access to the same exclusive content, so no loss of service to music or videos.

Tidal music

We are unable to elaborate anymore of the finer details, although with less than 2 hours on the Tidal countdown until the service goes live, there is not too long to wait.

The service is due to go live at 5PM ET, so the question is, is Tidal now a more attractive service to you now that you will pay just $10 per month?

Update: It would seem that the price cut is not what it seems, and that it is for a different tier. The $10 per month option is for the regular version, and for those that want lossless streaming will still have to pay $20 per month. Sorry about that.



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