Selecting best used cars under £5000 for investment

People tend to look for used cars for different reasons; some because of they offer a far better option in terms of value for money, while others look for a future investment. It is the latter than has been proving popular in recent years and the success you have depends on your budget, along with how good you are and finding a car that will make you a good return of investment.

One of the biggest issues people have is selecting a budget, and so setting a limit of up to £5,000 is a good target. Even though you have made life a little easier for yourself by choosing a maximum spend limit, selecting the best-used cars for under £5000 can still be a huge challenge, as there is a huge choice of vehicles to choose from.

best used cars under £5000

Every Thursday Quentin Wilson offers advice on this very subject on Channel 5’s Classic Car Show, and we know he has a vast knowledge for this sort of thing. However, if you want to stick to that £5,000 price ceiling, then Autocar has your back.

They have written a wonderful article on looking for a car to invest in to turn into a profit. It is very crucial to purchase the correct car, and so Autocar has selected 5 models.

5 of the best used cars under £5000 for investment – The 2008-2009 Honda S200, 1975-1996, Jaguar XJS, 1996-present Porsche Boxster, 2005-2012 Citroen C6 and finally the 1986-1991 Renault Alpine GTA. We know that some of these will require more than £5,000, but if you look hard enough and pay close attention to the advice given by the automotive website, then you could find that all-important bargain.

Speaking of that Renault Alpine, there is a very good chance that a new version could go into production.



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