iPod touch 6 and iPad mini 4 desired over Pro model

By Peter Chubb - Mar 30, 2015

We are almost into our fourth month of 2015 and Apple has already released several updated products, although the biggest release has to be the Apple Watch device. However, there is still a lot more to come, and we should learn details of some of these products during WWDC.

One item that we could expect to see during this summer event is the 4th generation Apple TV, but there are also other devices that we could see a little later in the year, such as the rumored iPad Pro. However, a growing number of Product Reviews readers have more of a desire for the release of the iPad mini 4, although more so for the iPod touch 6.

It’s not yet known whether the iPad Pro with its rumored 12-inch display will actually be released later this year, but several rumors do seem to support the fact. However, because it will be more of a professional device that will mean it will come with a premium price, and so could put a lot of potential buyers off.

iPad mini 4 release

This is where the iPod touch 6G and the iPad mini 4 differs, as the former is ideal for those that want a media player, and not have to spend money on an expensive iPhone to take advantage of the latest tech. And, the latter is perfect for those that cannot stretch their budge to a full-size iPad, or just has no need for a larger display size.

The iPad mini 4 is almost certain to be released this October and will boast improvements to much of its hardware, such as the latest processor from Apple, as well as a slight difference in its design. However, if Apple were to update its iPod touch to the 6th generation model, then it will come with vast improvements over the current version, seeing as though it is now several years old.

If you had the choice of Apple launching three devices, but you could only choose one, would it be any of the above?

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  • Urthwise

    ipod 6 touch – if they don’t release this year (2015) i will buy a different product (not apple)- jerking customers around to push iphone sales is going too far. I will not continue to support a company that doesn;t respect what I want.

  • maaen

    I would love to get an Ipod touch 6 plus or if Apple could see sense in its so called cleverness then it could even make a baby Ipad which is in between the size of an iPhone 6 plus and the Ipad mini….There is great value in that size which would make the device pocket friendly and also purse friendly. Sure the Ipad mini has some loyal following because of its sizing but then consider the 6 inches or even 6.5 inches….that is a perfect size to hold with one hand and put away in a large pocket or a purse with no bother and it most important facet would be to enable customers to be able to read files and to be very productive…such as being able to use the keyboard more easily than in a I pod 6 plus size .I hope Apple people understand what I am saying ….They would do well to consider what I say because I am very certain that many people all over the world would ĺove the baby Ipad …..It would be a go anywhere device.

  • Lena Nilsen

    I want the iPod Touch 6. I’ll never buy an iPhone (I swear by Android), but no media player can measure up to the iPod Touch. An iPad…is just not something I’d ever use…

  • Chris

    I want the Mini 4 and Touch 6. If I could only choose one, I would choose the iPad Mini 4. This is because I already have an iPhone, so the 5th Gen iPod Touch is okay as a secondary device. Also because I have an iPad Mini 2 and I really like it, so I want to see what is next.

  • Lin

    I have no need for an iPhone (cost prohibitive) and I unfortunately lost my last iPod touch. Rather than get a 5th gen replacement, I’ve been waiting for the 6th gen… so I’m hoping it’s sooner than later!

  • Kim

    We can only assume that Apple is looking at a 12-inch iPad Pro in order to compete with the Surface, although not too certain Apple will have a huge market for it. Just give us what we really want, and that is a 6th-generation iPod touch.

  • Desmond

    Cannot believe how long Apple has made us wait for a new iPod touch, and so I fear that Apple has decided to allow this media player to discontinue.

    • Del

      I so hope they bring out the new IPod touch….I love it. Just right for what I need when I don’t want to bother with my tablet. My 4th generation still works great but too old to download so many of the updates now.