Halo 5 release date with live-action trailer

By Alan Ng - Mar 30, 2015

The moment Halo 5 fans have been waiting for has finally arrived. 343 Industries have just unleashed a new Halo 5 live-action trailer, but more importantly confirming that the game will be out this October.

Make a note of the date, as it has just been confirmed hours ago that the Halo 5 release date will be October 27 2015.

The new Halo 5 ‘Hunt the Truth’ trailer can be seen below and it is pretty nailbiting stuff – especially for those that are anxious to find out the fate of hero MasterChief.


It’s easily the best Halo 5 trailer that we have seen for the game so far and we just hope that Microsoft are planning to release several of these live-action clips – they are fantastic.

If you previously were not too bothered about the game before, watch the trailer below and then tell us if you still feel the same.

We’re pumped about Halo 5 coming out this October, now with a set date – give us your reaction below.

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