GTA V PC release date countdown with eye candy

By Alan Ng - Mar 30, 2015

We are counting down to the highly anticipated GTA V PC release date, after an extremely long and excruciating wait. Rockstar has now given PC users some eye candy in the build-up to launch, with some amazing new GTA V PC screenshots showing off Los Santos in quality that isn’t possible on next-gen consoles.

Rockstar has unleashed no fewer than 15 new screenshots for GTA V on PC, all of them are pretty mouth-watering in terms of visuals compared to what we have seen from console versions so far.

The developer has also taken the opportunity to remind PC owners that if they intend on getting the Digital version of the game, they’ll need to do so before Tuesday March 31 in order to claim the bonus GTA $ in-game.

An extra $1 million for GTA Online is a pretty nice amount, allowing players to get some luxury vehicles straight away once the game goes live.


We’re still waiting to see the final GTA V PC launch trailer, with Rockstar promsing that it is on the way and coming next.

For now, feast your eyes at the eye candy over at Rockstar’s Newswire and tell us how excited you are about the upcoming PC release.

It’s been a long wait, but are you still very excited when thinking about mod potential?

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  • Fool Me Once

    This is why they dumbed down the next-gen graphics with their last update. They think by holding back Hesists until just before PC release, that they will somehow make PC players pay for online rather than rip it for free. So this is really why we never got Heists (I moved on long ago) even thought we were promised them in October 2013 – about 18 months.
    I hope this is torrented like crazy. As as console gamer, I am not buying any more of Rockstar’s lies. Next time, instead of buying their first release for full price, I’ll wait to torrent the PC version.
    They really should not make the “free” PC version so much better than the console version.
    Rockstar, you used to be cool, but you’ve changed. Enjoy all the money you get from the PC crowd torrenting your game.





        • Fool Me Once

          GTAV is like so 2013.
          But I love your handle…PC gamers 1, Console Gamers 0 on this one. I am happy to admit defeat. I still think R* will get more coin from their “peasant” versions than their PC version – but I guess time will tell.
          PC Gamers – especially those who torrent it.
          Console Gamers – who paid MORE for inferior version; and
          R* – who have burnt console gamers and this will adversely affect future console version sales. And they have obviously spent far more on the version that willgenerate the least revenue – which is commercially unsound.

      • Fool Me once

        Gotta give this one to you guys.
        No more money out of this peasnat for R*.