Apple Watch restrictions with iPhone trade-in

You are now the proud owner of a new iPhone 6 Plus and now have an older model to trade-in, and no doubt many of you will be looking to put this credit towards a shiny new Apple Watch. However, we are afraid we have some bad news, one that will not go down well with Product Reviews readers, or anyone else for that matter.

If you were hoping to use the Apple Reuse and Recycling Program to put the money from the sale of your iPhone towards your Apple Watch, you cannot, as Apple said it would not allow it.

Apple Watch trade-in restrictions

This means if you have already traded in your iPhone for a gift card, don’t expect to use it towards the Apple Watch. This will be a huge blow to many of you that had been expecting to do this to help with the cost of Apple’s Watch, and what is even more shocking there is no explanation for this either.

There is some confusion however, as some of our readers have been saying that the way 9To5 Mac explains it people will not be able to use Apple Store Gift Cards to purchase an Apple Watch. However, the way we read it is that you should be ok using the gift cards; you just cannot trade an iPhone for a Watch for whatever reason.



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