Major AT&T service outage on Mar 29

By Daniel Chubb - Mar 29, 2015

We received an update that Austin has seen fiber cut that is causing a major AT&T service outage on March 29. AT&T isn’t offering an estimated time for when service will return just yet, but the problems are wide spread with thousands not able to make calls or texts.

Original article: There’s a massive AT&T service outage taking place right now across the United States on March 29, 2015. The problems with AT&T started a couple of hours ago and have impacted thousands, with reports coming in that service is out in 78738, 78719, 77905, 78640, and many other similar areas within outage maps.

Every few seconds we are seeing official tweets left by AT&T on Twitter that include a standard message. This is along the lines of the wireless provider being “aware of the issue” and that they’re “working to resolve as soon as possible”.

Major AT&T service outage on Mar 29

We see these particular messages from almost every company when they don’t know exact reasons for the outages. It’s clear there’s no AT&T cell phone or texting service right now in many areas of Austin, although as this story is developing we’ll have more details soon.

What zip code and location are you seeing an AT&T service outage today? Let us know the types of problems you are having today, as we find out further details.

Update: It looks like fiber has been cut in Austin and this has caused the major outages for AT&T wireless customers.

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  • villandra

    We were down for nearly two hours today, that I know of. I don’t know how long it was out before I learned about it. I wasn’t following news nor trying to use the phone all morning.

    If you search for AT&T outage in Google news, you will learn that AT&T has CONSTANT outages that block 911 access for entire large urban areas for hours or days at a time. It has happened atleast four times since January.

    Last year, Verizon paid a huge fine to the FCC for just one such instance. These cell phone carriers have a responsibility to maintain 911 access. It’s a simple matter of redundancy.

    I find it impossible to believe that a cut fiber optic cable cut service for every cell phone user in the city and did not affect land line users; that simply isn’t logical.

    We need to file complaints with the FCC.

    I had AT&T service for some months and was basically happy but there were issues, so I switched to Cricket, which is owned by AT&T and uses the same network, and I’ve had one issue after another, and it is never possible to solve an issue. I’m going to be changing carriers, and I don’t recommend them to anybody. The latest is that they have my address wrong, other companies are rating me on whether my phone carrier has my address right, and Cricket refuses to fix my address. I argued for two hours with customer service reps and a manager in China, I wrote to AT&T’s CEO (others who have tried that have been told to stop that or face legal action), and complained to the Better Business Bureau. They don’t let you fix your own address because they’re too superior as well as complete idiots.

  • thebigzeus

    Never went out in 78741, I’ve up all day from what I can tell…


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  • Nath

    I’m out in Austin, it’s the whole area.

  • Rob

    Some areas are coming back up, 78641 is back.

  • Marc

    I’m in San Marcos. Still no service.