PS Plus delay for April 2015 free games announcement

By Daniel Chubb - Mar 28, 2015

The PlayStation Plus free games announcement for April 2015 has been delayed a further week, as most PS4 and PS3 owners know by now after expecting the full list to be revealed Thursday. When Sony didn’t reveal their free PS Plus games for April 2015 on time, a debate started in regard to Sony wanting to equal the Xbox Games with Gold line-up in April.

As we mentioned already this week, this isn’t the first time gamers thought Sony would delay an announcement to change their free game line-up to meet what Microsoft offered for Xbox One and 360 owners. This didn’t happen in the past, so there’s every chance PlayStation console owners will be disappointed once again.

Time for better free PS4 PS Plus games

It’s time for better free PS4 PS Plus games – many of Product Reviews readers feel that Sony is having to complete with not only the Xbox free games, but also those on PS Plus for PS3 as well. One reason the PS3 receives better games would be due to its age, although there’s a growing feeling that PS4 is old enough now to receive much better titles. We mentioned that the PS Plus April 2015 games on PS4 need to match PS3 previously, would you agree the time is now?

Assassin's Creed 4 DLC download live today

We have seen some gamers calling out titles like Diablo 3, GTA V, The Evil Within, Assassin’s Creed IV, and Tomb Raider, but if anything these would be for PS3. It still seems like Sony isn’t ready to offer such big titles for the free PS4 line-up, if this is proven to be the case again in April would you consider jumping to Xbox One?


Hearing that Woah Dave! will be a PS4 PS Plus free game in April 2015 isn’t going to help matters, although any extra game is welcomed it isn’t the AAA quality some are hoping for next month. While we now know that Woah Dave! will be free to PS Plus members, it isn’t in the official line-up.

There’s still a chance we might see the announcement made this weekend, although the past gives weight to news coming at some point in the week just before the end of March.

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  • T

    I’ve had a 3 months PS+ and decided not to renew it as I only played Infamous First Light.
    i didn’t like any of the other ones. What annoys me is that PS3 are getting way better free games than PS4. Like Thief for ex.
    I don’t think GTA V is every going to be a PS+ game but if they put Diablo 3 i definitely would get a PS+ subscription.

  • Rodrigo Michael Schramm

    Since I had my ps3, until it died of YLOD in january, 2013, I was unhappy with Plus. Then it got better, while I was unable to play anything. Then I bought the ps4, thinking that it would be worth now. And it was worth, bu tjust for those with a ps3.

  • Iain

    I like the free games they’ve been doing. I never would have played Transistor if they didn’t offer it for PS+. They’re supporting indie releases. Sure I’d like Diablo or something like that but the way PS+ has been going has made an indie gamer out of me, especially coming from the 360 which didn’t really have anything like that.

  • AJ75

    Compete with Child of Light and Pool FX? The games Sony has offered in the past (Valiant Hearts, Apotheon, Abe’s Oddysee, Transistor…) are already better than those two and I expect no different this month. Expecting AAA titles for a $60/year service is kind of asking a lot, not that I’d be upset with them if they were offering. Thing is, all of the AAA titles mentioned in this article I already own (except GTA V, but I really don’t see that happening), some quite recently, so I’d be pretty disappointed personally. I’m loving the great games I’ve been getting that I probably wouldn’t have even tried had they not been offered for free on plus. Sure, MS is offering AAA titles, but they’re on the 360. Who cares?

  • Ryanmw

    In fairness to Sony and game developers you have to look at it from a financial side, if someone paid £5 for an indie game and it was released next month for free then there wouldn’t be much annoyance from consumers, on the other hand if someone bought an AAA game at say £30 (assuming its around a year old) only for next month it to be free they’d be pretty annoyed. Couldn’t this lead to gamers refraining (or at least being hesitant) from buying AAA titles all together in hope that in the next few months it comes out on PS +. It just wouldn’t be good business for Sony or the developers them selves

    • Samuel Robinson

      But they could do a bit better. I’m not knocking their games they’ve released, but admittedly they haven’t really done as great as they could. Heck, 1 AAA every quarter guaranteed would be an improvement.

  • Micheal

    I have white destiny bundle, but never chose to buy any games, I either use it mostly for Netflix or plex, Destiny is enjoyable few times, but not many games interesting me and rest I own on 360. Thinking seriously about wii u or vita at this point, only good thing about 3ds is the flash carts that are not cool

  • jack

    I’d happily download classic ps2 games id they were to offer them as playable on the ps4, I’d take them over the majority of the ones they’ve been offering

    • jack


    • John

      I agree, I would love the stupid PS4 to be able to play the older games and would enjoy something like FF10 more than the games they are putting out on PS+.

      Even tho I can do the same thing on the PC for free by getting an emulator, it would still be better than the stuff we are getting now. I’d change Valiant Hearts in a heart beat to something like FF10. But well, PS4 can’t play older games, how inconvenient.

      • dream

        I like that idea too, much more fun than the things we are getting on the PS4.

        PS+ could allow your PS4 to play older games, and since those PS2 games cost literally nothing you could get access to alot of superb games. Getting PS+ would be great at that point.

        Can’t be too hard to give people a big library of PS2 games to play on their PS4.

        It should not be like the current model tho, they should just offer you a big list of PS2 games which you could play on your PS4 bcause of PS+.

        If they think they need to make money out of this, they should rethink their actions because getting an Emulator and the games over the internet for PS2 isn’t exactly hard. I would buy PS+ if I had this option tho, it would make it easy, and more importantly worth my money.

        • dream

          I wanted to be more specific on the last paragraph.

          When I say they should rethink about making money off of this, my idea was, they should not offer you 1-2 games each month. The idea was for them to offer you alot since we are talking about PS2 games.

          PS+ would be there to play the older games and get them over the store for free. So they would make money by people buying PS+, not by stalling everyone for PS2 games. If that makes any sense!

          If I could play most of the PS2 games, getting PS+ would be a no brainer. They should implement something like this. They will surely find a way to milk money out of it. Can’t hurt them atleast.

  • Kendall

    MS has a long road to travel before they are competing with Sony. If Sony is competing with anyone, it is their past promotional release titles. Or in future it may be PS+ releases on the PS4 compared to past releases on the PS3.

    With that said, I do wish Sony would update/upgrade their interface / GUI, it is dated, and is not easy to organize (especially for those with a large Digital Library). I wish they would let you separate Demos, or remove them from your account, tag titles, and place titles in a customizable interface. Also Microsoft’s use of tabbed pages (Movies/Games/Music in a tiled layout) is a better use of screen space than Sony’s current single line of icons. No forced ads (that I am aware of) on Sony’s side is a plus for Sony.

    Also, Hey Sony, if you want to keep the vita alive (I love mine), drop the price of Mem cards at least 50% (or just include PSN credit for 1/2 the cost of the card) or allow the used of adapters for MicroSD (More issues with potential piracy).

    • AJ75

      Agreed on adding the ability to remove old demos and other such clutter from the library altogether. It’s getting to be a real mess in there.

  • L Rodrigo Santamaria

    Well, not jumping to Xbox One, the one getting the cool games is the 360. Xbox One si not getting so well.

  • SmokeE3 .

    It’s impossible for a normal person change their console from PS4 to Xone because of the free games, and it’s simple to answer:
    Number of games: PS4 give at least 2 games by month, until now PS4 gave 34 games, while Xone gave 12.
    Quality of the games: the best games from MS were Guacamelee, Rayman and Super Time force. Meanwhile PS4 has: Resogun, Outlast, Towerfall, Fez, Velocity 2x, The binding of isaac, Injustice, Infamous DLC, Rogue Legacy and Transistor. There’s no how to complain.

  • Toblerone09

    Compete with Xbox? I’m assuming, given the tone of this article, that they mean Xbox one and not 360. If that’s the case, outside of rayman legends in March, what on earth are they competing with? It’s not like MS is forking over AAA titles on that system.

    Mind you…I don’t think what they’re offering is bad. I just don’t dislike what PS is offering either. And saying ps plus is just trying to match games with gold? That’s troll bait. Outside of one month, the ps4s offerings have been double the x1, and of the same or better quality.

  • Roger Bacon

    Sony has been giving out free games for longer. I feel they are simply running out of ammo at this point. Say they decided to give out some of the older PS4 AAA games how long would that hold out? Three months later they’d be back to indies.

  • Andrew Boyd

    Ps plus has been terrible for ps4. I have ditched my ps4 for my wii u as I am not seeing anything to play. That’s why I’m playing bayonetta and super metroid at least they are fun. Something my ps4 has been lacking

    • Roger Bacon

      The Wii U will have maybe 6 fun games during its entire lifespan. The good games are so few and far between that their prices don’t reduce even after the release of a newer console.

    • Toblerone09

      There are plenty of good games to play. They just aren’t free!

    • Jules Badguy

      While I wouldn’t ditch the PS4 for the Wii U, Nintendo’s console is excellent so far. What a kick ass little system.

    • AJ75

      I’ve enjoyed the hell out of almost every single game plus has offered. I think the problem lies with you, not PS plus.

  • Charlie

    PS+ has been terrific, and the call for more AAA games has been terrible — most of us already own those games. If I were to get Knack, which is a snoozefest, or Killzone, which was disappointing, for the sake of “AAA” then we’re in for some bad months for the sake of pretty AAA graphics.

    I’ve just realized that a lot of people just don’t play the great indie games and pretend that they’re lackluster, while craving stuff like Injustice which isn’t that great a game (but it’s AAA!). At least Infamous First Light was a free AAA game in January and WAS a great game. Coupled with being paired with The Swapper, a fantastic atmospheric puzzle game, and it was one of the best months of PS+ games. Just last month I downloaded Valiant Hearts, a terrific WW1 puzzle/adventure game, plus Counterspy, Oddworld and OlliOlli 2. All available on the PS4 or crossbuy with the Vita.

    You want some great games? Don’t be cheap and fork over the money for Bloodborne. Or Helldivers. Or Hotline Miami 2. Or Axiom Verge/MLB The Show tomorrow. You have so many games at your disposal, but the bottom line is if you’re going to wait for PS+ to release all the AAA games you feel entitled to getting, then you risk not getting them when you feel you deserve them. And that’s your fault.

    • Toblerone09


  • James

    Woah Dave!, it’s already been a PS+ game. And not a good one, in my opinion. Sony must be running out of possible PS+ games, if they are going to give the same game out twice on PS+ on 2 different Sony platforms. Hopefully it’s a tucked away freebee and PS4 gamers get 2 other games in addition.

    • Andrew Boyd

      Aye played it on my vita when it was a plus game. The game was reminiscent of games I played on my C64 in the eighties. It’s the 21st century. Thought games had moved on

    • Toblerone09

      It doesn’t count towards free games for the month. There will still be six others

  • MCallan

    Would not jump to xbox even with rubbish ps plus games. I spent over 300 quid on my ps4 with probably a couple hundred on games! How could anyone afford to just switch like that?

  • JZ

    Xbone wil get neverwinter. if I will not get somethong from AAA i will sell ps4 and buy xbone….

    • Ncmtrix

      For the sake of a few free games… I dont think so.
      Any decent AAA titles will have been bought already by most ps4 owners due to the relatively small amount of games available. Any free AAA titles will be games that you didnt want to spend money on in the first place. Id like to see a ps1 or ps2 emulator. That would be good imo

  • Not jumping to Xbox One but i hope PS4 do get some good games for plus, been quite bad for me personally last few months.

  • Tay

    I’ll admit, a couple big titles here and there would be nice, even if they are older games. Heck, I’d be THRILLED if they offered some older PS2/PS3 classics for free. But really, I’m perfectly fine with indie games. Just because they’re indie and don’t normally cost a small fortune doesn’t mean they aren’t good, and the ones they’ve been releasing I’ve loved for the most part. There’s always at least one each month that makes my subscription more than worth it.

    Obviously, they can’t please everyone or give out $100 worth of games every month like some people are wanting. People should be happy with what they’re getting instead of complaining that the games are “too small”. If you think that “big company” always = quality, just think back to all the AAA games released lately that were total letdowns.

    Long story short, it’s up to them what they release, and whining that the indie games a lot of you people complaining probably don’t even give a chance suck won’t change their minds. Sony’s a business, not a charity.

    • AJ75

      The Indy games have been more enjoyable than many of the AAA titles I’ve played in a long time. I honestly can’t see what people are complaining about.

  • OMAR

    what games will come in april 2015

  • OMAR

    is april game delayed

  • OMAR


  • Sora

    Hoping for drive club

  • レネ

    Wasn’t Woah Dave! already given like 2 months ago? Or was that only for vita? I remember downloading it and deleting it 5 mins alter.

    • beebudy

      It was free for plus members this February, but it will be available on the PS4 this April, and it will be free as a cross-buy title for those who already have it.

  • Ashley

    psn plus games get wrose every month give aaa tiles not indies agian

    • AJ75

      The indies are better than old AAA titles everyone already owns. Maybe try playing them. Why so many people complain about these amazing games just because they aren’t produced by big studios is beyond me. And why people think they even deserve to receive 12 $60 games a year for $60/year subscription cost escapes me as well. The value of PS plus surpasses my expectations every month.


    One month of games I care not to play would definitely not make me want to change up who and what I subscribe to and for…..

  • bruce livingston

    Woah Dave!, what a dumb name for a game, lol.

    • Looks like a terrible game, how it’s on PS4 i’m not sure lol.

  • Anthony Abate

    i don’t really care what they give away for fee .

  • Jason

    I took my time to check the PS4 line-up for several months. Didn’t see a single big game where you could feel like, wow I’m saving money here or wow that’s worth my time. I guess the service just isn’t for me.

  • Jason Mounce

    “It still seems like Sony isn’t ready to offer such big titles for the free PS4 line-up, if this is proven to be the case again in April would you consider jumping to Xbox One?”

    LOL. Oh yeah, Cause Xboxs’ free games are totally drastically superior each month xD They mostly give you 4-8 year old games too.

    • Marc

      Let’s be straight, both suck and offer nothing in the direction of AAA Titles. I just had to laugh seeing the “Woah Dave!”, look at that game, like wtf, why would anyone be attracted to spend money on a subscription with games like that.

      People would buy the subscription in a heart beat if they offered really big titles. But I guess the question lies in, what kind of person are you? Some people just love to get free stuff, doesn’t matter of the quality if it is free. But someone who wants quality PS+ or Xbox aren’t offering anything on the next gen consoles.

      • Jason Mounce

        Well course they suck, I mean, people could’ve been saying that since the very beginning, the library overall is damn small, Sony can’t just pay off people to give away free AAA games when the library diversity is crap, it’s too early and it’s clear people aren’t used to this.

        Like, PSN+ didn’t start on PS3 early in its lifespan, this is a late and essentially new thing. People are being a bit too whiny and illogical imo. I’m not disagreeing with you course, the ‘library of free games for $50 a year’ is sorta lower than what PS3 has been getting – BUT – there’s easily explainable reasons for it which I think people are ignoring mostly :l

        PS4 on its own, PSN+ is Mostly just so you can play Online, but if you own a PSV, PS3 and PS4, then PSN+ being universal, you clearly get your dollars worth. That’s sorta a problem Sony may have to fix since PSN+ is targeted to those who likely own more of their products than not. If you’re just a PS4 owner and not a PS3 or PSV owner, you’re getting less. That’s more Sony’s problem than a Consumer problem.

        It’s never really free if you pay $50 – but the $50 is for the services than for Sonys’ payment of titles to go free. People have to get that Sony makes deals with developers, wherein they say “We’ll give your game away for free and it’ll benefit you via massive advertising of those who download and try your game for free whereas if they had to pay, they’d not try it at all, we’ll give you a large lumpsum that similarly equates to what you’d get so you can continue making games – your next game will then have more chances of being a success because of this deal”. Sony can’t work this deal with new games, games that still cost a lot, non-indie games, but only Old AAA games that are collecting dust on Retail shelves or Indie games, which is what I expect, thus I don’t complain :l I play PC games while waiting for the blockbuster console games, Bloodborne atm has my full attention and MGS5 will in September. 😀

      • AJ75

        Then there are people who think a game has to look a certain way (in your case it seems to mean exorbitant production costs with highly detailed Bloodborne level graphics) to have any value. The gameplay is what matters, and if you’re not playing these great indie games because they don’t look like Assassin’s Creed, then you’re missing out. Big time.

    • Fartbeard

      Sony has also been giving out free games for longer. I feel they are simply running out of ammo at this point/ Say they decided to give out some of the older PS4 AAA games how long would that hold out? Three months later they’d be back to indies.

      • Jason Mounce

        Pretty much

  • fullforce098

    Id prefer the ability to play my downloaded PS3 title on my PS4 than most PS4 games they could release (most not all). They could also add some other things like a free movie or free PS4 themes each month too. I never fret to much over the game.

  • Scott Jack

    You can’t play Bloodborne on Xbox so no I’m not thinking about jumping to Xbox

  • The_Superior_Spider-Mon

    This sort of thing isn’t new to me. They always release the new PS Plus games on the 1st Tuesday of every month.

  • Frank Beans

    April 7th is the first Tuesday in April, when games usually available. So nothing delayed. Announcement doesn’t come 10 days ahead of time.

    • anon

      I was thinking the same thing. This tuesday is the 31st, so I wasn’t expecting the games on that day.

  • andy

    Haha Sony has to “compete” with Microsoft’s monthly games??? Err since when? What, the one new game Xboners get every month which has been changed for the 1st time only 1 week ago??? PS Plus monthly games have been around since June 2010. It simply NEVER compared on ANY level.
    What do you want to compare with on Xbox? The sometimes 7 year old games that were first given away or the lack of content every single month?
    “if this is proven to be the case again in April would you consider jumping to Xbox One?”
    Not even if they gave away every retail Xbone exclusive (so Forza 5 and Sunset Overdrive I guess) would I be interested in an Xbone whatsoever. So them giving away next to nothing is supposed to entice me more to buy an Xbone and 5 years of Xbox Live somehow???
    Why do you hate games so much author? The past 6 months PlayStation users have received up to 11 games some months when Cross Buy comes into play and the games can be played on multiple consoles. Oh and just about every game is an awesome title, AAA or not.
    Oddworld New n’ Tasty, Outlast, Mercenary Kings, Rogue Legacy, Binding of Isaac, Strider, Transistor, Velocity 2X, Trine 2 Complete, Valiant Hearts, Injustice, Fez are some examples of write offs to you then??? If even only these titles aren’t worth a PS Plus yearly membership at all, I’m not sure what else is.

    • xbox1rules23

      exactly what exclusive games have had you so interested in ps4 so far

      • kevin

        Well mine were bloodborne, infamous second son, the order yes the order, MLB the show, driveclub, lbp 3, guilty gear xrd, tlou remastered and killzone shadow fall not to mention the amazing indies the x1 either doesnt see or doesn’t get till months later. My X1 just got play for the first time in 2 months with ori and the blind forest and now it will sit till halo 5 because after I beat ryse, dead rising 3, mcc and sunset overdrive which i loved there’s been nothing else since I get multi plats on ps4 where 95 percent of the time their better. Also gwg has never and probably will never compete with ps plus the amount of games ps plus offers every month in terms of quality and quantity has never once been matched by microsoft.

        • Sillypig123

          Xbox wont get the indie games that are already on ps4 or coming on ps4 first because of the deal thing microsoft is doing so games have to be on xbox first or not at all

        • AJ75

          Dumb move, MS.

        • xbox1rules23

          aside from bloodborne and tlou remastered, none of those other games are good. it’s different for me because i play my 3rd parties on my xbox, i like achievements. never understood trophies.

    • John

      I don’t know about you, but I can tell you my opinion:

      I find the games offered in PS+ not worth my money. I bought and finished Bloodborne now, and have to make a decision if I want to extend my PS+ Subscription. I really hate the fact that I have to pay for the online features of a game, I don’t have to do that on PC, WHY do I have to do in on consoles… Dark Souls 2 didn’t take money from you so you could PvP, but yeah PC master race for a reason.

      This is so fking stupid, that I put Bloodborne aside now instead of enjoying it’s PvP features. I finished the game and since I have to pay to pvp I will probably not touch the game for months ever again.

      The games are simply way too small, no big titles, look at the games of this month alone. CounterSpy, OlliOlli, Valiant Hearts. The only game I was interested in is Oddworld, but I lost interest in that one fast, it’s still not a big title, it’s simply nostalgia.

      If I want to play games like that I can simply download them on PC, that’s how insignificant they are. I hate PS+, playing online beside an MMO should be free like it is on every game on PC, but hey, Consoles need the special treatment right?! If PC games can be free to play online, so can consoles… I’m so butthurt that I have to put Bloodborne aside or pay for the service so stupid. If Bloodborne came out on PC, I wouldn’t need to pay for ALL the online features.

      • Charlie

        A lot of those games you mentioned are great. Your loss if you aren’t interested in Valiant Hearts. And your logic of, “They’re so insignificant I would download them on PC,” makes no sense.

        The one thing I agree with you on: if you already pay for online, you shouldn’t have to pay to access it.

      • AJ75

        All of the games this month were awesome. You should try playing them.

  • trfe

    Traditionally PS Plus offered free games because their network is subpar to Xbox live and the wanted to try and level the playing field.

    It still is, but Xbox followed them into the “giving away” free games each month because gamers obviously loved it.

    Everyone was just spoiled by PS Plus on the PS3. Any free games for x1/ps4 are great indie or not.

  • Ron Baron

    I’ve been loving PS Plus. I was so excited last month to get CounterSpy and Valiant Hearts.

  • Ron Baron

    Yes, because I’m unhappy with the free games I’m receiving, I will drop $350 and buy an Xbox One then drop another $50 for Xbox Live Gold. Logic.

    • Wargreymon559 .

      actually live is $60 😉

    • Charlie

      I’m starting to understand why I’ve never heard of this site based on the amazing logic and high-level writing they’ve employed.

  • DS

    I pay for PS Plus in order to play games like Fifa 15, Battlefield, Destiny, and GTA online. The free games are just a bonus. Would it be nice to get some more AAA titles? Sure. But I won’t complain because I play games for the enjoyment. Rogue Legacy is some of the most fun I’ve had in a long time. Outlast was great. Valiant Hearts was something I wanted to play since last year’s PAX East. So why would I complain?

  • stu

    Woah Dave is great but it’s probably more of a handheld game but if it’s offered free on PS4 why not. I’ve had an XBOX One and it’s clearly the inferior machine, install times are a joke so I sold it.

    • yhnmkjui



    • kevin

      God do I hate the install times on my x1 even from a disc it’s sad. I can pop a game into my ps4 and it’s literally done in a min but with my x1 it takes upwards of 20 mins sometimes

  • Mike

    Woah Dave, really, AAA please for my PS4 or why should I pay each month? This mixed with Sony’s stance on not returning money for games purchased by mistake and never used, I now start to think Sony is more in it for the money than ever and I used to think this was only Microsoft.

    • stu

      It’s not part of the 6 Plus games

      • GotNews4Ya

        As much as I am assuming this is true as well.. It hasn’t been confirmed.. so this statement isn’t necessarily true.. yet

    • AJ75

      Exactly. Why pay each month? Pay $60 once a year and receive amazing value. What makes you think you should get $720 (12 AAA titles) worth of free games a year for that?

  • Billy

    I own both an Xbox One and PS4, so I see that the PS Plus line up has been a joke each month but have Xbox to enjoy. I just hope PS4 improves their’s soon or I will cancel it.

    • kevin

      Funny I have both systems and my experience is completely the opposite of that do you even have ps plus lol. Last month alone ps4 got got oddworld new n tasty, counterspy, valiant hearts and olliolli 2 that’s four games that all reviewed highly what did the X1 get again I seriously forget because it was that pathetic. Since Christmas ps plus has had injustice which is a triple aaa, infamous first light which might have been an expansion but was most certainly triple aaa, transistor and a bunch of other awesome games that gwg hasn’t even come close to matching

      • Penfold Berry

        Infamous first light is a stand alone game where you play as fetch. Its a good way to check infamous second son. I feel that most months for PS+ were terrible, pixel junk was boring so was strider and velocity2x. HOWEVER we got resogun, a game i enjoyed so much i bought all the DLC. Then there is oddworld binding of issac dust an Elysian tail these games are so good that if April sucks then i still have stuff to do even if i Didn’t have dragon age inquisition or evolve or tlou or shadows of mordor or dynasty warriors 8 and dw8 empires..What people seem to forget is that sony is a business and making GTA V free would not only cost loads but also piss off people who slapped down 50 quid for it and thus get a tonne of people whining. If i worked for sony i would choose…Entwined the first episode of one (or all) of the telltale games. And maybe i dont know something like wrestling 2K15

        • Josh101

          O.o…………..Velocity 2X was AMAZING. Especially compared to Entwined, which I beat in a 3 hour session. Velocity 2X had awesome levels. If you went slow, I could see it being boring. But moving fast and trying to flow through the levels was awesome.