New Beatport app dedicated to electronic dance music

By Peter Chubb - Mar 27, 2015

When it comes to music and streaming apps there are a multitude of them available for Android and iOS devices, and so having the option of yet another one does seem a bit of an overkill. However, there are not too many that are specific to the electronic dance music genre.

That is until now, as Beatport goes one better than the likes of Spotify and Pandora and caters for those that only wish to stream electronic dance music. There are so many of music lovers out there that love the sound of fist-thumping bass, and if you are part of T-Mobile’s Music Freedom program, then this app will become part of your monthly plan, and will not eat into your data.

Ok, so you might think that this app is a little late to the streaming music app party, but SFX Entertainment, those behind Beatport have big plans for the app and so did not want to rush its release just to follow the sheep.

New Beatport app dedicated to electronic dance music

Some of the upcoming features you can expect to see once this app finds its feet are the ability to stream an SFX event and also a DJ’s direct broadcast, which will be pretty awesome for you electronic dance music lovers.

What the app currently offers – free, unlimited streaming from a superb catalog, connect with artists, discover festivals and shows all over the world and so much more. For more details head to the Google Play Store or iTunes.

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