FIFA 15 servers down for FUT maintenance on Mar 27

We have another important heads-up for all FIFA 15 players now. EA has sent out word that the FIFA 15 FUT servers are going down for maintenance on March 27.

The good news is that we can already tell you when FIFA 15 FUT will be back up. EA has informed players that FUT servers will be down at 6am on March 27 UK time.

The EA servers downtime will last 2.5 hours, but hopefully the downtime won’t last longer than EA has stated – since it has done in the past by been doing several hours after the stated time.


With FIFA 15 FUT down at 6am UK time, it means that for those playing on PST time, expect the servers to go down on Thursday evening at 11pm – 1.30am in the morning.

There’s the heads-up for you, as the servers are going to be going down in around an hour’s time. Let us know if you have any issues during the downtime and if you still can’t connect after 8.30am UK or 1.30am PST.



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