Battlefield Hardline weapon balance update misses M416, M16

We have some important information for all Battlefield Hardline players now. It looks like Visceral Games is already ready to deploy their first notable Battlefield Hardline weapon balance update after launch.

If you have been playing multiplayer constantly since launch, you may agree that the M416 and the M16 rifles are seriously good – almost to the point where it may feel like they are slightly overpowered.

Then again, that’s why they cost the most money compared to other weapons in the game. Either way, it doesn’t look like Visceral will be tweaking the carbines just yet.


Thanks to a recent update on Battlelog, we can reveal that the weapons which will be balanced first are highlighted above – along with what Visceral aims to do to the weapon specifically.

As you can see, it’s interesting that Visceral is immediately targeting the AKM with a damage reduction to 24. On the other hand, the FMG-9 and M/45 sub machine guns are getting a damage boost, as is the .410 Jury revolver.

At the moment, there is no indication on when the update will be available across all platforms, but it’s nice that the developers are giving players a heads-up on their plans.

Give us your thoughts on the weapon changes above – do you agree with them or not? Also in your opinion, are the carbines overpowered?



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