Sprint outage everywhere today with no texts or calls

By Daniel Chubb - Mar 26, 2015

There’s a massive Sprint outage everywhere today across the United States with no texts or calls being made by thousands of customers. We received a few reports on our article about some minor problems with Sprint earlier in March, although the outage today is much bigger with thousands reporting signal and calling issues according Twitter.

While this story is developing, it’s clear that many areas are impacted in the US. One Product Reviews reader said, “No service in Lake Geneva, WI” and another added, “Can’t call in Chicago, also I have friends in the greater Milwaukee area with no cell service”. This is just a couple of reports, but the outage map on popular websites like Down Today reveals red spots everywhere.

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Other users with Sprint phones and tablets report they can still use their devices for internet, but there’s no normal cellular service right now. Another added, “There is no phone service in Dayton, OH. It is clear the entire region is out on March 25”.

Are you having issues using Sprint Wireless and making calls today? We have reached out to official support social accounts for further information and will update this article as more details arrive.

Update: Sprint Care on Twitter is replying as fast as they can to hundreds of people asking why there’s an outage today. They are offering quick status updates that explain, “We’re currently working on an outage in this area. We’re working fast as possible to get services back up”. This same reply is being given to many users on Twitter.

Another message on the official @SprintCare page explained they don’t currently have an estimated time for when services will be restored. We will keep you updated, but please do leave your status reports below with the location you are having problems in today.

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  • gregory

    there is no serves in Stafford Va. Cannot call out or receive calls but I can receive text

  • Nathan

    I had nothing yesterday but internet. It worked earlier in the day but nothing almost all evening. No text no calls. Seems to be working fine today

  • Heather

    Manteno, IL
    Couldn’t make calls last night but can today.
    Text messages – I get notification that I have a text but when I open text messages they are not there. I can respond but doesn’t show up that I responded on my end. The other person receives my text but I can’t receive any back and be able to read them. Weird. Frustrating.

  • terri

    My daughter is getting my text on her phone and I am getting her text messages and phone calls on my phone. very weird

  • Sprint sucks

    Sprint sucks. I had Sprint for a year and I had this problem almost once a week. Text and call would stop working and internet was available. Restating phone worked in some cases. Either way I got tired of it and paid early termination fees to cancel Sprint and joined Verizon. I never have issues with Verizon. No outage with Verizon ever. Its expensive but you get what you pay for.

  • julie

    I lost service in Fowler, Indiana. I did have internet But could not text or call.

  • Lucifer999

    Ha ha ha … SS7 flexes it’s power once again.

  • kelsie

    Muncie Indiana its being spotty and I even go with out internet for random times

  • Michelle Profitt

    No cell Service in Lynchburg OH. Got 27 text from one person saying the same thing. I haven’t been able to retrieve data usage for several days on website Sprint zone or by texting 1311 it’s says number isn’t in the system

  • derek

    Im in azle texas, got 3 bars of lte on my note 4 and no problems as of yet.

  • Cheyenne

    Indianapolis, IN barely any service and it’s getting worse and worse hour by hour.

  • nathan

    No service

  • nathan

    Franklin Ohio boost mobile

  • Courtney

    Richmond/centerville indiana no service

  • Destiny

    Greenville Ohio none either!

  • Allen slusher

    Jacksonburg Ohio no service

  • Tasha McLendon Jackson

    West Carrollton Ohio is OUT!

  • Lori Robinson

    Cincinnati Oh is OUT

  • Kelli

    Anderson, IN Is out.

    • Jadon

      Not for me.

  • Bev

    Merrillville and Bloomington Indiana are out

  • mandi

    New castle Indiana is out…

  • Bill terdman

    No cellular or texting without wifi in Anderson Indiana

  • superman1979

    What could cause such an outage other then some kind of hack. this is almost their whole damn network.

  • DDT

    Edinburg Illinois is out as well. 🙁

  • iva

    On southside of Chicago and mine is working fine…

  • Taketa Pates

    Hammond Indiana, Chicago illinois

  • Melanie Dunkin

    Pendleton, IN is out.

  • Jon

    Englewood Ohio is out

  • Jennifer Woelfel

    Cincinnati Ohio is out

  • Alexis Michelle Burnell

    Indianapolis, In no calling only text

  • Willie lewis

    Milwaukee WI out

  • Chermonthia Grant

    Springfield Illinois… No phone service… Can send text but it says failed but the person receiving gets the text message.. Crazy

  • andrew

    Milwaukee wi racine wi south Milwaukee no service nothing works

  • No service

    Hammond in

  • jintsjason

    I’ve had no dropoff here in Wicker Park, Chicago, IL. Calls, texts, all going through.

  • re

    springfield illinois

  • skoty

    Outage Indianapolis, Indiana

  • Dave

    I am in Fairmount, IN, and currently unable to text or make/receive phone calls.

  • Ben

    No service in Iowa City.

  • Jen

    No service in Chicago, I will be looking for some sort of refund from Sprint.

  • Shane

    No phone service in cincinnati, also family in Dayton say they cannot text or make calls.