GTA V 1.09 update live for March 26

By Alan Ng - Mar 26, 2015

It looks as if Rockstar are not sticking to their Tuesday pattern of releasing new GTA V updates. We can now confirm that GTA V 1.09 update is live on PS4 at 4.746GB.

Although we previously wrote about GTA V 1.09 this week, we didn’t expect to see a new GTA V update today so soon after the launch of Heists.

Given the fact that Heists is massive in terms of content, we had a feeling that Rockstar would give themselves a holiday and not update GTA Online for a few more weeks.


Obviously it’s a pleasant surprise though. Above is the GTA V 1.09 update notes as they appear on the PS4, but we need to wait until Rockstar post the full GTA V 1.09 patch notes on their support website here.

Until then, we don’t know for sure what is changed in GTA Online after 1.09. That’s why we want your help in identifying what is new in the game, until we get those notes.

It’s over 4.5GB is size though, so it looks to be a huge update. What have you noticed different? Let us know below!

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  • npsacobra

    My favorite parts of GTA online, are the frequent “unknown network errors” and the five minutes of game play I get to squeeze inbetween.

  • mad sven

    I was so excited when you were able to whack people without getting wanted stars for quite long time when you had that heist hooded jacket and balaclava on.
    Now after this latest “update” it’s not possible anymore and you get wanted level after killing two people no matter if anyone else isn’t even around. Very BIG drawback. Please fix it back so there’s some actual use for balaclava again, it was great so earlier.

  • lane

    My game keeps freezing

  • annoyed

    prison break finale now glitched cops do not go away when on escape in plane – unable to be completed.

    • Danny Gudlad Seal

      You can escape we had the same problem when first played that mission you have to keep low an always keep the police helicopters behind you and your team mate in the helicopter should shoot the choppers down iv done it 4 or 5 times now

  • je moeder

    on ps3 it is 74 mb

  • Travis J. Liles

    One new thing is in heists invite menu “client invites” allows people who have joined the heist to invite people. Also matchmaking in the heist invite screen.

  • Dardola

    I’m not seeing anything new 🙁

  • Jan Compaf

    its not 4.5gb, it just resumes from latest big update aka heists

  • mario

    Idk what it did but but it said something about John Marston is now available in the creation center. I was on storymode when it said that

  • Threethritythree

    My file has been corrupted damn!!!!

  • Threethritythree

    1 minut left I am so happy

  • Threethritythree

    2 minutz left I can’t flipping believe it the day has cum

  • Threethritythree

    3 minutz left hot pockets are in controller is fully engaged on standby mode

  • Shane

    Pfftttt no heist vehicles for story mode yet obv the update was all about online players yet again

  • Threethritythree

    4 minutz time to heat the hot pockets and keep em on stand by

  • Threethritythree

    5 minutz 5 minutz left on the clock

  • Threethritythree

    6 minutz guys 6 f!cking minutz

  • Threethritythree

    Omg 7 minutz left I can smell Trevor’s sweaty armpits in the cockpit of the hydra

  • Threethritythree

    8 minutz left yes 8 ticktocks left on the clock

  • Threethritythree

    9 minutz only 9 minutz left guys hang in there we can do this

  • Sachrock

    77 seconds left

  • Threethritythree

    10 minutz left I can taste the hydra!!!

  • Threethritythree

    11 minutz 11 min

  • Threethritythree

    I got 12 minutz 12 screwy minutz left

  • Threethritythree

    13 minutz and still cunting

  • Threethritythree

    14 t-minus 14 minutz

  • Threethritythree

    15 t-15 minutz and cunting

  • Threethritythree

    16 minutz and cunting

  • Threethritythree

    T-17 secs

  • jamnoggin

    I just noticed the addition of a matchmaking toggle and possibly ‘client invites’ toggle on the heists lobby options on PS3. 🙂 Hope this sorts everything out. I’ve only been able to complete the first 2-player (tutorial) heist so far.

  • Threethritythree

    18 minutes and cunting

  • Threethritythree

    I got 19 minutes and cunting

  • Threethritythree

    I’m downloading I got 20 minutes till it downloads it’s hydra time!!!!

    • RemiXX


  • Brent Lostak

    Downloading it now, curious what it will be! edit: it took 11 seconds ?