Yamaha Tricity 03GEN-f, 03GEN-x concepts for new markets

While watching an episode of The Gadget Show the other evening I got to see one of the presenters riding around on a Yamaha three-wheeled Tricity in Tokyo, and since it was the first time I had seen it, thought it looked rather cool. The reason why I have not seen one of these before is that they are not as popular in other markets, but all that could be about to change.

I say this because there are two new concepts based on the three-wheeled Tricity architecture, and those are the 03GEN-fand the 03GEN-x, and will not only be targeted for Japan, but also new markets as well. The current model has been well received in certain markets, but Yamaha believes that the new concepts will be far better, and from what we can see, we do believe them.

New themed designs – Both of these new concepts will cater for different functions. Take the 03GEN-f, this is more of an update to the current Tricity model, although offers improved design and features. Whereas the 03GEN-x is more for off-road and so will offer a more robust design.

Yamaha Tricity 03GEN-x concept

Yamaha says that its 03GEN-f will come with a design theme for future racing, and so is low and wide at the front, while sticking with a slim and sharp design at the rear.

As for the 03GEN-x, this looks more like one of those cross bikes, although from the future. The bike will be just as happy on the road just as it would off, and so will live up to the Scrambler name.

For more details and images visit Yamaha, although there is not much more to go on, However, we do expect these concepts to have a huge showing at the Tokyo Motor Show later this year. We also have a video for your viewing pleasure below.



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