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Pokemon ORAS Shiny Charizard event for US, UK

We have news of a new event that is happening in Europe. This one is rather exciting as it is going to give some Pokemon ORAS players the chance to pick up a lovely Shiny Charizard to add to their collection.

The big problem though is that as far as we’re aware, this event is only going to be exclusive to German players. GameStop has revealed that they will be staging this Pokemon ORAS Shiny Charizard event from April 1st to July 3rd so it is coming up very soon.

There’s no information as of yet though, on the possibility of this event extending to those who are in the US and UK. We know that this event is the same one that Japanese players had in December 2014 so now it looks like it is ready to hit European regions.


We can only hope that UK is next up on the list. If you do live in Germany, simply head on down to GameStop during the dates above and pick up your special event card with the code on it.

You’ll also be pleased to know that this promo will include a Charizardite, allowing you to mega evolve Charizard at any time during battle.

When we hear news about this event coming to UK and US, we’ll let you know. In the meantime, tell us if you are still looking for a Shiny Charizard – you may want to try Twitter as some folks are still giving away Charizard as trades.



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