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Foldable displays for Galaxy S7 and Note 6 predicted

We have come across a rather interesting rumor that suggests both LG and Samsung are working new technologies that could see the release of smartphones with foldable displays in 2016. If this were the case, then this would mean the possibility of a bendable Galaxy S7 and Note 6 next year, although there are some concerns with this report.

It is all very well and good LG Display and Samsung Display working on screen technology in order to allow them to bend, but without bendable batteries this is never going to happen.

The technology is there – We do know that the use of Graphene means that bendable batteries are possible, it’s just we have no idea how far ahead battery developers are with the new tech.

LG Display and Samsung Display working

With that being said, we have to wonder why Business Korea came up with this story if there was not a small amount of truth in it. The website did say they had spoken to a source at Samsung Display, who firmly believes that the commercialization of foldable smartphones is a distinct possibility for 2016.

It’s no secret that both LG and Samsung are very interested in flexible display technology, and is a natural evolution of current tech; we just have a very hard time believing that the industry will be ready next year.

Let’s face it, we have been reading predictions for flexible displays for years, so surely this should be taken with a grain of salt?



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