Bloodborne load time problems on PS4

Bloodborne is a fantastic game based on first impressions and the reviews released so far appear to tell the same story. If there is one issue with the game though, it’s the persistent Bloodborne load time problems on PS4.

While we imagine that most of you are loving the game from the developers of Dark Souls, you are probably not loving the load times in comparison.

More often than not, you’ll be waiting around for the next scene to load and we can quickly see a pattern emerging on social media feedback, from gamers who all say that Bloodborne loading times are the game’s downfall at the moment.


The good news, is that From Software hear your cries. The developer has already announced a new Bloodborne patch that is in the works to combat these issues and help alleviate long load times in Bloodborne moving forward.

This patch will be next after the developers already released the Bloodborne 1.01 PS4 update on Day One, so hopefully we’ll have good news for you very soon in this regard.

Would you agree that the game is amazing, but that load times remain the biggest problem at the moment? Let us know if this is affecting you right now and if you see it as a big issue for you personally or not.



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