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New Flinch app for iPhone exposes all

If you enjoyed apps such as Tinder, we have another suggestion to make now which offers a more light-hearted approach to making friends on your smartphone – with the new Flinch app for iPhone.

Flinch has actually been around since last year, but thanks to a huge overhaul a few days ago it’s now reached a lot more users.

Where Tinder would match you up with members of the opposite sex in a ‘yes and no’ game, the objective of Flinch is simply to make the other person smile in a given time limit.


You can use some fun sound effects to make the experience more amusing, but the idea is to gain points and move up the leaderboards by securing ‘victories’ by making your friends react first.

If you are a shy person, this app is a real eye-opener as there’s no escaping the fact that you can be connected to another user’s live video feed in a matter of seconds – male or female.

Will the new changes to Flinch end up being a hit with users or not? The idea of direct video interaction may be a scary prospect to most, but let us know if you have already tried Flinch out.

Do you think this app is good or too scary for your liking?



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