GTA V 1.09 PS4, 1.23 PS3 update features after Heists

By Alan Ng - Mar 26, 2015

We now look ahead to what is next for GTA Online, with Rockstar finally bringing Heists to GTA V players around the globe. GTA V update 1.09 on PS4 and GTA V 1.23 PS3 will be next for gamers, so what should Rockstar add to the game next?

We’ve already heard feedback on Heists, with some saying that it is the best piece of free DLC content to land for any game for a long time – if not the best period.

There’s a reason why Heists took so long, as it’s a instant game changer for GTA Online and pours hours and hours of extra content back into the game.

Now there’s the little matter of ‘what comes next after GTA Heists’ though and more importantly – how can Rockstar keep players coming back once Heists gets tiresome?


The obvious answer to that is single-player story DLC as we have still not had a single piece of it since launch – pretty amazing when you think about it.

It won’t be coming with the GTA V 1.09 update for PS4 and Xbox One though, nor will it be coming with GTA V 1.23 update for PS3 and Xbox 360 – so we do wonder what Rockstar plans to do moving forward.

Will we see the next GTA V update in months rather than weeks since players are being kept busy with Heists? If you have been enjoying the latest content for the game, let us know what you would like to see next.

There will definitely come a point when you want to see new content added to GTA Online after Heists, so give us your best ideas below.

UPDATE: GTA V 1.09 is now live on PS4 – See our news article here for further info.

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  • Cabrady24

    I want to see all the cars we never got, such as ones given to next gen consoles and the ones from the heist DLC added to single player on the original consoles because we deserve them as well. Most of us are pissed because this recent update did nothing for SP mode which some of us only play. Fix this now.

  • Alexander, 15, Denmark

    I would like to see Four major things

    1) more and bigger houses and flats. I’d like Franklin to live in some ghetto apartment, because when I use him in freemode, I do gang attacks and such.

    2) being able to join a gang. Michael to join the mob, and Franklin to join a streetgang. Then you should be able to do missions for the gangs, such as selling drugs and attacking other gangs.

    3) realistic looking weapons. Gta 4 did it well. But the weapons in gta v looks to be from 2027. They’re way to futuristic.

    4) and of course. Being able to go to a gym to get massive, and being able to go to clucking bell or burger shot to get massive 😉

  • Xenobyte

    Add people that know what they’re doing in the prison heist.

  • Scott Bravery

    Petrol to fill cars up, to be able to open the boot on the car and put things in it, more houses like franklins off story mode, more boats, having to charge your phone or it will run out of battery, more food and drink choises to buy, and being able to work in a shop on free mode to earn money.

  • choongification .

    NOS !!!!!

  • Desta

    Petrol, possibly on a hardcore mode!! and F1 cars

  • Will Garvie

    Needs a Cambodian Street Gang enough said.

  • Thiago Ballalai

    More jet-ski styles… for 3 people, stunt jet-ski, faster jet-ski.
    More boat styles…
    Los Santos Custom for boat and jet-ski.
    Custom Radio playing songs that we choose from our HD and ingame songs.
    An amphibious vehicle.
    More trucks.
    Jobs that require more teamwork ( like steal the planes at trevor’s airport that unlocks at rank55 and need at least 4 people )
    More tricks with motorcycles.
    More haircuts and beards.
    Option to change hair and beard color at will in the babershop not like it happens
    Fun and weird weapons ( like a chainsaw or a foam hand )


    “Add more hacks, and exploitable glitches”

  • chris d

    I would love the ability to store Police, EMS, Firetrucks in my Garage, New Music or able to play stored music from PS3 harddrive, Lift Kit Suspensions for trucks… Lowered Sandking? REALLY?? IT’S A 4X4!!!!!!! I could name off 100 things that I would love to see, but it would be dang nice if the top 20 from a gathered list, would be included in the next DLC, and it not take a YEAR to get it like HEISTS!

  • Joshua Heady

    We need more lifted trucks. Even with lift kits for the rest of them for us rednecks. And we need more classic cars and some older guns and vehicles like in world War II, the civil war, etc.. plus it wouldn’t help to add some slicks as an option for tires so we can actually drag race. And possible add that we can pop wheelies. And that we can play basketball or baseball on teams and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ADD SOME MORE MUDDING AREAS. MAYBE MAKE A WHOLE DERBY FOR THAT OR MID TRAIL FOR US MUDDERS.

  • Modz

    LOL new script bypass after update so the modmenus are back 🙂

  • Sebastian Leonard

    I would like to see a bigfoot based dlc online mission

    • p00nboi

      Are you an idiot?

  • tristen

    Allow us to make our own Playlist or sync music with our phones or something hearing the same thing on the radio gets annoying or just add more songs

  • BlackNB

    can we PLEASE PLEASE get a speedometer for racing????!!!!

  • Ray

    Tow Trucks in Online.

  • SmilesTF1

    New Music or allow us to play our own…

    • migueltf

      hi TF lol

  • quantum

    No map free roam lobbies for the hardcore gamers.

  • Raymond Landry

    New music n talk shows,,,,,and sync the headphones we can wear with the radio so we can listen to tunes on foot

  • Danny Lamb

    Open the cannabis dispensaries and more stores.

  • Keith Love

    Open the casinos and I’ll be good with it..

    • Ziggy

      That IS the next dlc 🙂

  • Jay

    They need to fix the heist skipping glitch cause I can no longer start series A heist

  • Chris

    Put the vehicles and equipment from heists into single player that would be sweeeeet

  • LoboTheLoner

    add basketball or baseball. let us work out, or at least change our physique or something! BRING BACK DIFFERENT FIGHTING STYLES, NOTHING CRAZY JUST DIFFERENT PUNCHES, LET ME SLAM A MF! Please?

    • Vipergtsam

      That would actually be nice to slam someone

  • Mr. Whyte

    Lets us go inside buildings, kinda dumb to keep us out if you already built the interior and remove restricted areas from creator mode. It beats the purpose of a free roam game if you add a bunch of restrictions.

  • Jason G Scott

    Bring in a new golf course up in the sticks with 18 holes and have a mystery guest for the owner, add more buildings to be able to get into. Add casino, with slots and all the gambling games you can find in a casino. Bring out the pool table in the bar for two player online games , these would be great in my opinion

  • Lauren Rector

    They need to open up the casino

  • Chase

    How about trevors big ass bushy beard for online.

  • Erick

    That’s NOT FREE dlc! They advertised it to release with the game TWO years ago!

    • Sean

      Calm your entitled self. It IS DLC and it IS FREE! Go fake-rage about something else.

  • Jonathan G. Sandoval

    I would like to see all the side activities return from privous games. Pool and acrade games for example. Also there are basketball courts and a track a field area and I would like to see them have a function too. Maybe the game booths at the pier open up and there can be weekly leaderbords for special content like shirts or hats like you can find in special crate drops. And just to add difficulty to regular driving and scooting around the city maybe you can buy drugs off street level dealers and doing things on different drugs have different outcomes. Like seeing a movie on lsd makes them all wierd and strange. Or driving high makes your reaction time slower. kind of like the bullet time effect from max payne multi player but it makes the player slow instead of players around him. Meth or coke would have the opposite effect in small bursts

    • NeedleDickDoug

      Aside from the idea of using hard drugs as stat-boosters, I like the idea of psychotropic drugs affecting reactions within the world. Maybe even the zombie guy in hollywood and the “get out of america!” guy in sandy shores would be completely different, or like an easter-egg boss/monster fight if you find certain NPCs while on LSD or mushrooms.

  • mondrell

    Put a mall in the game

  • nick

    Heist still have some issues to be work on. basically it comes down to depending on friends to play with you, otherwise you waste 30 minutes or more being booted back and forth and you never get a chance to complete to real heist…

  • 22kaD

    Minigame dlc where we get new miniganes to fully emerse ourselves in the gta world. It currentlying has like 14 while yakuza 5 have 120, step it up rockstar. Make it more of an rpg experience.

    Casino dlc. Still says coming soon plus it could double as a heist location.

    Interior dlc. I wana go places and interact with the world like in maze bank or a mall or a stadium or something

    Sports dlc. We have the areas but can’t play the sports. Add them

    Parkour dlc. Will change the game in a big way and add a new forum of verticality to it.

    Gangster dlc. Dual weild guns anyone? What about a chain as a weapon. Fix and improve on the bloody emblem Too.

    Dats just off the top of my head

    • Master2873

      You’re not to bright are you? No where does it say that “Casino DLC coming soon”… It simply says on a banner at the casino that it’s opening soon… It’s called atmosphere, it’s not really coming soon, it’s just under construction like alot of buildings in the game…

      Also, adding some of the things you stated are not possible without a change to the game’s engine.

      • Keith Love

        GTA San Andreas had open, functioning casinos in Vegas or whatever they called it but you could gamble…and that was on the PS2

  • jimmy johnson


    • Rydog

      Here’s an idea…..Fix Single player!!!!!! It’s broken to sh*t ever since a supposedly online update only. Check out all the YouTube videos people are uploading! WTF!