Bloodborne PS4 reviews are great so far

Tuesday is the day when PS4 exclusive Bloodborne is finally available to buy in the US. The game from the developers of Dark Souls has high expectations from fans, so now we bring you some initial Bloodborne PS4 reviews from those who have already given the game a score.

The great news to report, is that critic reviews for Bloodborne on PS4 have been overwhelmingly positive so far from those who have left a score.

We are still waiting for final scores from IGN’s Bloodborne PS4 review, but we can bring you some scores below for you to read and decide whether you want to buy today.


There had been some pressure on From Software in the build-up to launch, on whether they could deliver a high calibre game after Dark Souls or if it would turn out to be a disappointment.

However, now it looks like they have passed this test with flying colors and the reviews which you can read below reflect this.

We’ll update this when we get more scores, but take a look at the reviews available now and let us know if you will buy the game today, or wait until a later date.

Xbox One owners, are you unhappy with the fact that this is a PS4 exclusive that has received fantastic reviews so far?

Round-up Score9.15/10



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