Avengers Alliance Spec Ops 25 Task List for Runaways

By Alan Ng - Mar 24, 2015

Playdom has sprung another surprise for Marvel Avengers Alliance players now. A new Spec Op is now live and we now have a good heads-up on the Avengers Alliance Spec Ops 25 task list that you’ll be all looking for.

This Spec Ops seems like great fun, as it is all centred around the Runaways, hence the title of the Spec Ops 25 being called Runaways.

In this event, each battle you fight will require you to use certain Runaway characters, such as Molly Hayes or Nico Minoru – you’ll still have the option of using the Agent if you prefer.


Now, without further do, we have the full task list already for you below. You’ll also notice that this Spec Ops features Heroic Battles, allowing you to gain some ‘exclusive’ E-Iso that you won’t be able to get once the event ends.

These include a new Molly Hayes iso which can prevent her from Sleeping after Temper Tantrum and also a new E-Iso for Punisher too which can grant him extra turns.

Check out the full task list below and as always, let us know your progress so far and if you need help from other players on any of the tasks.

Stay tuned for information on the Epic Boss heroes required!

Spec Ops 25 Task List



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  • lonelydisco

    What I’m getting from this is that the player can basically recruit children. I’ve seen pics of the Runaways series, and their game sprites look much younger.

    In American terms, the older guys went from senior high school, to 9th Grade – the difference between being allowed to drive (sweet sixteen) and early puberty.

    Why is this unsettling?

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          And at least it’s not infants! Like last time!

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        • lonelydisco

          It was that one conversation.

        • That one about the BILF’s? I never actually did say BILF’s; I think it was your couch fort lying to you.

        • Hey, how many reference links do you think is too many for a list entry? I’ve got nine on this one so far. It needs them, though. They never said I had too many citations.

        • lonelydisco

          More adds credibility.

        • Good. Because it needs three more.

        • On a single item, Disco; not the entire list.

        • lonelydisco

          How about the others?

        • They’ve got some. Not as much as that one, but they’ve got ’em. I have to reference the crazy things he wrote, though, and he didn’t write them all in one place. I may need to take some of the things off. Or I could just link his book and let you non- list-makers do your own searching; I may do that.

        • lonelydisco

          “Not as much”? Well, how much?

        • One of them has seven.

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          I don’t think you should cut back too much, but maybe a teensy little bit?

        • Wikipedia’s not allowed, so I have to use other sources. Wikipedia has lots of those sources, but that’s good; I’ve found better stuff from other sources. I should edit the wikipedia articles with all the crap I know about this topic; some of them are wrong.

        • lonelydisco


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