Xbox Games with Gold double games in April 2015

By Alan Ng - Mar 23, 2015

Just to remind those that missed the announcement last month, the Xbox Games with Gold update for April 2015 is going to be amazing – with Microsoft promising to give away two free games on Xbox One and as many as four free games on Xbox 360.

That’s double the content that is usually on offer with Microsoft’s monthly incentive program and it’s all in aid of 100,000,000 games being downloaded on Xbox Games with Gold so far.

What we don’t know of course though, is what the free Xbox One games for April Games with Gold will be. We had Rayman Legends for this month and it was the first time in which we saw a AAA game become available on Xbox One since the promotion started.


Will Microsoft be able to maintain their great month last month with another AAA game or will they go back to previous months, when gamers had smaller indie games to enjoy?

We have a feeling that we won’t see two AAA games, but there’s a good chance that we will see at least one. That would still be a great outcome though, that includes Xbox 360 gamers too as there should be at least two AAA games included out of the four – Forza 5 on Xbox One anyone?

Looking ahead to the April Games with Gold lineup, what do you want to see from this special double month? Leave your best Xbox One and Xbox 360 game predictions below and we will see who ends up being correct in a week’s time.

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  • Vince Jones

    These games are free people.. why is anyone complaining? Xbox has has some good free games and discounts since this started. Keep it up MS!

  • your grandmas best friend

    Don’t expect to get games that are under two years old one is pushing, I’m suspecting some kind of borderlands game, considering the amount of 2k games being released and possibly an army of two game if not now in the future, no idea what else for 360 as for 1 definitely looking towards a forza game and if not a rand indie game then a release game like ryse or dead rising 3. Don’t expect an ea game though there greedy homos.


      *they’re greedy homos.

  • anon

    i say the games we get are some games no one has herd of or its a game that everyone has played already like bioshock , tomb raider , halo . fable , gears of war etc….

  • Gabriel

    I’ve been downloading GWG ever since it started and i will say, they had a few good ones but most seemed as if they were picked at the last moment and no thought given to them. As for april, I do feel they will give somewhat fairly decent games but maybe not. but then again they may just end up fitting 1-2 Good games in there. Although i might suggest they give another halo game as they did with Halo 3 and Reach. as for the others i can’t say of this moment. To all GWG members out there…..God help us all

  • adrian

    Would like titanfall, but more realistic would be ryse or dead rising or thief or watchdogs. Ironicly ryse,dead rising and titanfall are bundle only on xbox store atm yet 2 weeks ago all were available to buy without bundle

  • Zachery Lawshe

    Dark Souls two, State of Decay, Saints Row 1, 2 or 4 and hopefully a Borderlands game.
    But I doubt they’d give these games away, but I can hope.

  • Hossain

    Far-Cry 3 or Skyrim or Batman: Arkham City would be awesome if it was GWG for Xbox 360.

  • Edgar Eroserone Ruiz Galindo

    outlast *u*

  • Jacopo Pio Masella

    Wolfenstein the new order

  • Neftali

    I say cod ghosts and most likely forza

  • James

    I’m hoping for shadow of mordor or Titanfall but tbh the way games for gold on xbox one has been going we would be lucky to even get a Lego game

    • Whytechyck

      The 360 games have been great though…

      • Jzjsk


    • Jeffery Miles

      Respawn already said Titanfall will never be free on GWG.

      • Spiderstyle

        Really? Do you have a source on that? Not trying to discredit your remark, but I’m unaware of Respawn saying something like that and would like to read up on it.

  • irratebass

    The Warriors………oh wait

  • Viktor

    Titanfall 😀

  • The Real Misko

    Titanfall, seeing as the season pass is now free and it was one of the first xbox one games. It makes sense to have that as one of the AAA games if they follow up from last month

  • R3AP3R04410

    the 4 games i’d like to see free. Minecraft 360 edition, Nascar (any year), Diablo 3 and a wild card of Ace Combat…………MS wont give away too new of games or highly priced games above 20-30 dollars. So The games i’ve listed are well within reason

    • James

      No way on earth they would put minecraft up, even though it’s £15 it’s probably xbox’s most purchased game and people are still buying it

  • R3AP3R04410

    battlefield 3? everyone has that game. if people are too cheap to pay the $4.00 for it then obviously you dont deserve it

  • Arthur Cheeseroll

    I’m gonna be that guy now.. I want Halo 5 for GwG before it’s even released.. Seriously.. some of you people on here.. The self sense of entitlement astonishes me.. demanding games that are relatively new or not been out that long.. Count yourself lucky.. MS DON’T have to do this.. People were quite happy to pay for live before all this GwG stuff started.

    • Steve

      Yh but they aren’t doing it for xbox users tho, they are being pretty clever about it on the 360 at least. Whenever a major game is released Microsoft seem to have a prequel up the month before. Games for gold at first seemed to be an attempt to sell more games

  • Twerk Master J Lo

    I would bust a nut if payday 2 and battlefield 3 were free which are both resonable games to ask for IMO

  • jamie

    Cod ghost or Advanced warfare for 360 and the new final fantasy for one or black flag

    • Arthur Cheeseroll

      CoD.. Nope.. not likely.. Black flag on the other hand.. very good possibility

  • Raymond Horace

    I want a arcade game maybe State Of Decay and I actually beat both infinite and tomb raider was a great games hands down but infinite had a interesting story line but add me Ass4sinDuke

  • Danny Slug Trewren

    I can’t see it being Forza with the Horizon 2: Fast and Furious game being given away for free for 2 weeks from the 27th anyway

    • Srprimeftw

      It’s DLC, not a game…. -__-

      • Danny Slug Trewren

        Technically yes, but it’s standalone content so you don’t need Forza Horizon 2 to play. So it’s almost like a free game

      • Arthur Cheeseroll

        It’s a free game for a limited time.. it just uses the Forza name.. it’s Forza Presents: Fast n Furious.. You do not need FH2

  • Chris Mclean

    Diablo 3

  • Grassel Pamakcickis

    gears of war 2,3 🙂 🙂

  • Grassel Pamakcickis

    ryse son of rome

  • Fred

    Hm, I’d like to see seasons 1 and 2 of The Walking Dead. Maybe season 1 of TWD and The Wolf Among Us.

    • Richard Bownes

      Even free they would be a ripoff

  • george

    I can see dead rising 3 possibly being offered

    • Gary MacGregor

      I would love that.

      • jonny Fitzgerald


        • Gary MacGregor

          It’s a game I don’t think I could justify buying, because I get bored of it after like half an hour, but I’d definitely play it if it was free.

  • GypsyMic

    Since most GWG on 360 are from studios that got bought up or went bankrupt (THQ) it’s pretty much safe to assume that you should look at discontinued studios libraries of pre-2012 games to get an accurate prediction going.

    • RTrobby

      Inaccurate, but alright. Tomb Raider and Bioshock Infinite are from companies who’ve gone under?

      • Crose

        Bioshock was the companies last game.

        • RTrobby

          Doesn’t mean anything.

  • The Unhealer

    Rayman Legends and Bioshock Infinite were both garbage. Tomb Raider was the only good game offered last month.

    • the man who knows

      bioshock infinite was a great game i dont know what your talking about

      • Gary MacGregor

        Aye, Infinite was one of the best games of the year when it came out, hands down.

    • Wes, the Unapologetic Gay

      I wish they had offered Tomb Rayder and Rayman Legends to 360. Bioshock Infinite is not the masterpiece they say, really, it’s just another fps with a good history, but nothing but this. I would prefer a book of this game.

      Tomb Rayder, instead, offers an funniest experience, and the development of the character and her skills through the gameplay is amazing, it is a great game.

  • the man who knows

    i think they should have resident evil 6

    • the man who knows

      or dead island 2 ,need for speed darwinia, halo 4

  • Daniel Garcia

    They could think in a real racing game, like a old Forza title, or Midnight Club…
    Dante’s Inferno would be a excellent surprise, Metal Gear Peace Walker HD, too…

  • Brooke

    Possibly Mortal Kombat Annihilation or one of the metal gear solids 🙂

  • caleb

    they have put at least one cod game in

  • ObamaramaCNR


  • ObamaramaCNR

    i want gta 4

  • MichaelD

    I want mass effect 1

  • ryanderson

    i think Mortal Kombat 9 will be one of the GWG in april

    • Pro_Games

      Yeah that could happen since Mortal Kombat X comes out April 14.

  • Ew0k5AN0nomi5

    Ryse and Forza for XB1, no clue for 360

  • Operation X

    Forza would be a good guess for sure. I think that is the obvious choice though on xbox one. Stretching outside the lines a bit I could see one of the Metro games or Lords of the Fallen. Watch….it will be angry Birds with my luck.

    • Sam z gamer

      Everyone has forza! Give away games that gamers should have played e.g need for speed, outlast, murdered, Lego, theif and child of light!

      It would help mainstream gamers who overlooked other titles, also help boost sales once sequels arrive!

      • Alex Gleeson

        I haven’t got Forza so shut up.

        • Xander Cruze

          I have forza so shut up

        • GypsyMic

          I don’t care. You can keep talking though.

        • peyton osterhout

          i know its old but star wars battle field 2 would be nice

        • peyton osterhout

          i can see fable 3 being one of them its been 5,6,7 dollars lots of times so why not

        • Carl

          Fable 3 has already been a game for gold for 360. Check records on Internet.