PS Plus April 2015 games on PS4 to match PS3

By Alan Ng - Mar 23, 2015

At the start of the month, we told you that Sony had confirmed early that Dishonored would be one of the free games for PS Plus April 2015 on PS3.

With just one week to go though until the full PS Plus April 2015 update lineup is revealed, we now wanted to focus on what Sony should offer gamers on PS4.

April now seems to be a key month for Sony, as not only do they have to respond to complaints of being ‘second best’ to Microsoft for March who offered Rayman Legends, but they also have to contend with Microsoft doubling up for April too by offering twice the amount of games.

That means the pressure is on Sony to deliver something equally as good for PS Plus and gamers will obviously want to see a game of ‘AAA’ quality for starters.


As usual, Sony should reveal the full list of games for PS Plus April by the end of this week, but as we saw last month – sometimes the information can be delayed.

Given that Dishonored is being offered on PS3, we hope that a similar game in the mould will be landing on PS4 too – if PS4 gamers get two indie games, we can already see there being one or two signs of frustration.

Do you agree that Sony needs to step up their game after seeing Microsoft offer Rayman Legends? As we await the announcement, let us know what you want to see for PS4 next month.

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  • xpert_gamer

    I would like games like battle field hardline and assassin creed 4. AAA games like that not indie games or early access we pay for games and thay give us indie like on Xbox they get an indie an AAA game with gold sometimes but we get indie. I guess what I’m trying to say is no more INDIES!!!!!!!!
    (disclaimer I’m talking about ps4)

  • Cayden Cross

    I’m always hoping for AAA/SSS that I wouldn’t usually buy that turns me onto an awesome series.

  • Rodrigo Michael Schramm

    Driveclub, Assassin’s Creed IV, The Evil Within, GTA V, Diablo 3, Wolfenstein or even Tomb Raider would make me happy. I just want one AAA game that I do not have to make me forget the last few crappy months of PS+.

    • Cayden Cross

      If any of them it will be PS3 only. They don’t seem to go that big on PS4 yet, but we can hope.

  • Nuno

    For ps3 sony has been delivering a pike of junk month after month. The same type of games and most of the times never a offline multiplayer game. The annual fee is not that much but its frustrating to keep seeing second league games.

    • Rodrigo Michael Schramm

      Well, but for Ps3, in my opinion, it has been better than ps4’s. I think that is an act of treason to deliver just for ps3, games like Thief and Sherlock Holmes, that are available for both ps3 and ps4. So, I buy a new console and the ones keeping the old one get an advantage?

      • dan

        Fully agree with you on this point I upgraded as well and do feel ps3 get better games

  • Zebubu

    Sony second best? M$ is offering better games? Wait, i thought we were on Earth, not in an imaginary world O_o PS+ value >>> GwG, even hardcore Xbone fanboys notice that…

    • Cayden Cross

      MS keeps giving games I already have on PlayStation, which is annoying, but April 1st should be cool with Assassin’s Creed Black Flags. (I think that was the one they’re giving lol.

  • Terarded

    It makes me so happy that xbox is doubling up, Sony forced a playsation plus

  • RetroGamers111

    They definitely need to step it up. The PlayStation plus games while fun are not even comparable to the Xbox games . especially since Xbox gives the games to the gold members. PS4 only rents them to us. sorta like Gamefly but with multiple games, you can keep the games but if you quit your membership they delete them on you.

    • stjimmyrulesx

      What? Psplus has been offering 6 games for months. Way more than MS. Those 2 big 360 games from last month were free on psplus over a year ago. You’re right they are not comparable to psplus, they are much worse. Do you remember the games from a few months ago were almost 5 yrs old, ps4 gives games away on release day. Only very recently has gold been offering even close to what plus has. So what have you been smoking in the meantime.

  • The WTF KId

    Step up their game because of Rayman Legends? WTF? Last month’s PS+ offering may not have been stacked with AAA releases but they there were all GOOD games and light-years better than that goofy 90s relic.

    • Anonymous

      Rayman Legends came out in 2013 and is one of the best platformers to come out in the past decade. Even IF it was the original game that was given out it still would’ve been 100 times better than what Sony gave out.

      • stjimmyrulesx

        You mean like the 2 games on 360? Oh wait psplus gave them away all the way back in january… of last year… And what games did gold have in january 2014, sleeping dogs, which was on psplus may of 2013 (along with outlast the day it launched and olli olli 2 was this month on launch day). So how exactly is games with gold better? Because of rayman?

      • Zebubu

        Anonymous is clearly another suer blind M$ fanboy. §Have fun with your “100 times better than what Sony gave out” game, PS4 owners will be playing with funny and great games (i said gameS, not game).

  • DanF

    realistically – The Last of Us

  • Chaz Bart

    I would love to see rayman

  • Chaz Bart

    The last of us is on PS now

  • dan

    Last month we got new and tasty, what a brilliant time I’ve had with it so far, reliving my childhood and watching my kids play it and love it themselves. available games for free in am obviously all up for but as there have been so many let downs on the ps4 I don’t think just saying AAA is enough, no one would want to b reminded of the time they paid 60 for destiny, and I personally don’t want to see Gra even it has cost me over 100 to have copy on both generation generation. Although I own it is like shadow of mordor or pro ego (because they never do fifa)

    • i agree with you on odd world.

  • thumpdaddy09

    How about we get dayz or h1z1 since tbayvwas suppose to be a free game for ps4 way before the pc launch

    • Marc Docherty

      Probably wont considering neither game has officially launched, both are still in early access. meaning u get to play the unfinished buggy, glitchy test version . . .which theyre charging people to play :S

    • troll

      Lol such a fool pc always gets the games first because they are created to work out more on the pc.. Learn your stuff, they was coming to pc way before they was even told about coming to playstation..

      • Troll

        having fun on gta5 on your pc then ?

        • dran

          what about the final fantasy 13 series, 7, 8, 9…. wait 9 didn’t make pc

      • stjimmyrulesx

        He could learn his stuff but you could learn your grammar.

  • sikkimese

    looking at how it is i think it would be great for us psn plus subscribers if sony stepped up its game and took notice of the offers given by xbox the last of us or killzone on ps4.

    • stjimmyrulesx

      What games did xbox offer that were even close to that?

  • xVxXPrinceXxVx

    The Last of Us Remastered and Killzone Shadow Fall for the PS4 are possible, but not in 2015 =D

    • Vic Wars

      The last of us is very possible this year. Its an old game and the majority have playded it.

  • SMEGw0lf

    This “AAA or gtfo” mentality is just stupid. Of course they’re not gonna drop FC4 or Advanced Warfare in your lap for free. Sony is a business, not a charity. And im loving these indie games, most i wouldnt buy simply because disposable income is pretty tight these days. But this way i can lash out on a blockbuster game n get cheap thrills too. Win/Win folks!

    • Holler

      Motherfucker its not free if you pay every month. The way I see it they owe me for selling me a nokia when im paying for an iphone.

      • Dirty

        You’re paying 50 bucks for the year, less than you pay for one new game. And I’ve gotten way more than 50 dollars worth from hotline Miami, rogue legacy, counterspy, and transistor. Personally I would rather play all these indie titles than getting to play average “AAA” games like knack or killzone.

        • dran

          i have never really cared much for indie games…. i would like to see an AAA game once in a blue moon like they did with gods among us….

        • Jesse

          I love the indies and i really HATED gods among us.

      • Matt

        WE KNOW. Is there a brigade of know it all kids running around the internet pointing this out EVERY. SINGLE. MONTH. You’re not smarter than the rest of us. Ok?

  • Sniper plane

    Bring dar souls ps4 plus

  • Sniper plane

    Could bring gta to plus

  • Sniper plane

    All bring dragon age ps4 guess

  • Sniper plane

    Bring Lego marvel PS3 great

  • Rodz

    Calling now: It’s either Knack or Thief.

    • Poop

      We already had thief dumbass

      • PiInTheSky

        That was PS3, not PS4.

        • JC

          No, it was PS4. Dumbass.

        • WarriorWithin2015

          it was ps3. Dumbfuck.

        • JC

          Ok mate.

        • Victor Alexis

          Why play it all again on another platform though?
          I wouldn’t have any problem with Thief for PS4 since I got the suscription two hours ago.

      • Vic Wars

        He just pooped on you bro

  • I guess it’d be cool for the folks who don’t have it. I do, so I’d be a bit let down.

    I do agree that Sony needs to step it up at this point, though. With the system having been out a year now, they could (and should) offer one of the launch games as a freebie. Knack, for example. It aint spectacular, but as a free game with the sub? Not too bad.

  • NiggaWithoutAttitude

    Rayman is a very old game now, why would Sony need to ‘step their game up’ because of that? They were the ones that started rewarding games. Not to mention the amazing games they’ve brought in trumps Xbox’s by far, and seeing as I reap the spoils of both consoles I’m not being biased.

    Injustice: Gods Among Us Legendary edition was given away in December, that’s 4x more in value than Rayman Legends. Idiots.

    • Alex_Atkin_UK

      Unless of course, like me, you don’t really like fighting games but usually do platformers.

      That said, I’m not a fan of the new 2D Rayman games. They look amazing, but I find them boring.

      • NiggaWithoutAttitude

        I was just talking about retail value, I know the actual games are opinion. I much prefer platformers than fighting games but that’s just opinion. I also cannot stand these newer Rayman games, I was never a massive fan of it, but the actual series just feels so outdated like it belongs on the PS2.

        • Alex_Atkin_UK

          Well they found a way of making 2D platforms in full 1080p (on last-gen hardware no less) with excellent quality artwork.

          I can see the merit in the new Rayman games, I just don’t like old fashioned games where you die and have to start the whole level over again. The same reason why I have never completed a GTA game until GTA V.

          It might require more skill to go from start to finish without dying, but I find it just tedious and boring. But then Rayman has never been a particularly strong game IMO, I liked Rayman 2 okay but it was far from the best 3D platformer

      • stjimmyrulesx

        then plus gave you 2 2d platformers as opposed to one from live.

  • Octodad would be a good indie along with a big game.

  • Joshua Guest

    I’d like to see The Walking Dead S1 for free or at least Zombie Army Trilogy

    • NiggaWithoutAttitude

      I doubt the Walking Dead will ever be free, amazing game though – pick it up if you have the money the next time it’s on sale.

      • Joshua Guest


      • btRaddex

        Back when The Walking Dead was first in the works the first two episodes hit PS+ for free, the entire season isn’t out of the question

        • NiggaWithoutAttitude

          Hmm, it is a £20 game, it’s a long shot. The best thing is ofc that it’s multi platform, but I picked it up on the PS4 for I think £8 a pop when they were both on sale back in December. Great games, definitely worth it. I just think if all of the people that are buying their PS4s now are getting TLoU for free, then everybody else should, too! Especially us who pre ordered our PS4s and payed even more money for it 🙁

        • btRaddex

          pretty much anyone. Yeah I was blessed with getting the Destiny bundle >.< got the extra $50 worth of time out of Destiny, but I wish I would've waited a bit and got the Black Friday one that had GTA V enhanced and TLoUR

    • Rodrigo Michael Schramm

      Walking Dead was given out in 2012 splited in episodes. They would never release it again as a package.

  • ed

    Rayman Legends is $8 used. It’s no great deal to get it free. It was a good game but certainly not next gen. It was a pretty side scroller. I’d way rather have a good idid than that. Not sure why it’s seen as a good deal other than it was a full release. Same with Thief. People want it because it was a full $60 game. But it stinks. There’s no value it getting something bad for free.

  • Adam Harvey

    Knack and Thief would be pretty good

    • ed

      Yay, a mediocre game and a lousy one. Both are available for under $10 used. I’d rather have 2 good indies.

      • Alex_Atkin_UK

        People expected too much of Knack, its a fun game if you liked PSOne platformers. Its also not a bad looking game in places, it just could have used some better art direction.

        What it was doing with the particles was technically clever too, but sadly it didn’t look as clever to the casual observer.

  • balcobomber25

    Dishonered was a great game when it came out 3 years ago, but I guess anything is better than the Yawn fest that was Sherlock Holmes.

    • Gabe Garcia

      Omg you actually played that? lol.. I took one look and said SKIP

      • RedCrescent

        I got the platinum for that…yeah, it was super boring as I’m not into that investigation-style game or genre.

  • Manuel_II

    PSN game for PS4 are all crap, the good thing i have so far was Injustice and all the rest are garbage.

    • Blackhandlez

      Thief, Rogue Legacy, Abe’s Oddessy New & Tasty, Duke Nukem 3D, Infamous First Light.. And im pretty sure im missing alot of other cool games that came out the last 4 months. They are free games.. What did you expect? Battlefield hardline? Dying Light? GTA 5? Far Cry 4? If you´re waiting for games like that to become free, you can wait all you want.

      • Manuel_II

        What im saying is, the free PS4 game is not as good as what they give for free game on PS3. lol.

        • derp

          yes but keep in mind that PS4 library is smaller to PS3 Meaning there is alot more selection on PS3 compared to ps4 Plus i think the games on ps4 that have been released are great beside oli oli

        • ed

          Smaller library. In 10 years I’m sure the games will be much better. But you’re still getting great games for free. I’d rather get something I’d never think to buy myself. And AAA disc based game that is worth having, I’ll have already bought.

      • Malik Mohammed

        Thief didn’t come for psplus

    • ed

      The games I’ve gotten have been fantastic. In fact, Injustice was one of the few I’d call garbage, thrown in to make people that insist on $60 games being free regardless of their quality happy. This year alone I’ve enjoyed The Swapper, First Light, Apotheon, Transistor, Oddworld, Counterspy, & Valiant Hearts. Hope they keep them coming. The last thing I want it Knack, Shadows Fall, Thief, or any other launch games that are now dirt cheap, or crap games already in the bargain bin.

      • Gabe Garcia

        Ed, Injustice isn’t a $60 game. It retails at Walmart for like..$15-20 new. I also think its a fun fighting game, so I completely disagree with you that it’s garbage. I’ve played it with friends who have also enjoyed it.

        Out of the list my least favorites have been the swapper, apotheon, and transistor.

        Personally I’d like Shadows Fall in April, and I actually think it’s a really good idea if Sony went with that. It was one of the first games on the system, but now that people are buying consoles a bit later than launch, combined with people’s tendency to move onto other games, I’d imagine that the player population in Shadow Fall is pretty low. By making it free they’d inject a large amount of players into the multiplayer, and the game also has DLC so there would be some potential profit to be made.

        • dran

          knack would be good as well showing a 3d platformer that is exclusive to playstation 4

    • Matt

      Transistor was one of those games. I consider that crap game the best of this ENTIRE GENERATION. You’re mean JERK!

  • Ta’i Ngatokorua

    I hope its indie games. I would already own any big game that they’d offer lol

  • Luis Ibal

    Dishonored would be cool but I already played it, but for people who have not played it would be great, fantastic game.

  • naturallybornbad

    So happy with Dishonored

  • dave

    I want to see moor couch coop campaign games so the wife can join in with me

  • I’ve got some great games out of PS+, on all of my Sony devices (though I’ve admittedly yet to play any of the PS3 ones.)

  • raphael

    Killzone would be cool

    • Thomas The Tankswag

      Its a great game but its really unpopulated online,id love if it was free on plus as id be able to find more EU games instead of US ones.

  • Jecht_Sin

    Sony must start delivering AAA games for PS4 no matter what MS is doing. That would be about time.

    • ed

      What AAA game do you think they could give away – that is worth owning – that people haven’t already purchased themselves?

      • Arcendus


        • Victor Alexis

          Wolfenstein or Metro.

      • NiggaWithoutAttitude

        There are loads that I haven’t purchased, The Last of Us: Remastered, Little Big Planet 3, Sniper Elite 3, Destiny (don’t want it), actually it’ll be easier to just say I have AW, MLB 14, NBA 14 and GTA V as well as a few free titles from the past year.

  • Ram Ramiro

    Come on, seriously? step up their games for Rayman!? and two games on X360? Sony give six! PS4 games might suck sometimes but PS3 and Vita both get great games! I think with time Sony is gonna offer better games on PS4 but as of now, I’m satisfied with what they give! 🙂

    • ed

      No kidding. Rayman was fun, but it’s a gameboy game at best.

    • NiggaWithoutAttitude

      Obviously Sony can’t be releasing AAA titles every single month, especially because the console is still very young! Whoever wrote this review clearly climaxes over any single Microsoft product.