Final Fantasy Type 1 release evidence mounts

We have some more evidence to suggest that Final Fantasy Type 1 is definitely happening as the first sequel to Final Fantasy Type-0 HD – which has just been launched on PS4 and Xbox One consoles.

We first eluded to this possibility when we told you about the secret cutscene that was added to the end of Type 0 HD. Now it looks like a new game is definitely coming as Square-Enix recently staged an event over in Hong Kong.

At this event, it was revealed that that artwork for the game ‘Final Fantasy Type Next’ was shown to those in attendance.


While ‘Next’ was specifically mentioned, it’s important to remember that Square-Enix recently filed trademarks for Type 1, 2 and 3 so we have a feeling that ‘Next’ could be a placeholder until Square-Enix finalises the game internally.

It also means that if a new game is coming, then it will be built directly on PS4 and Xbox One hardware, rather than port of another platform which Type-0 HD was.

Either way, it’s exciting news for us as Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is a great game and definitely deserves plaudits in its own right and not just for the FFXV demo inclusion.

What would your feelings be if another Type game is on the way from Square-Enix – would you buy it?



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