PSN maintenance scheduled for Monday, March 23

By Daniel Chubb - Mar 21, 2015

There’s some new PlayStation Network maintenance scheduled for early next week on Monday, March 23. Sony explained on their old service status page that the downtime would last around 2.5 hours, although those that sign in before the PSN maintenance should still be able to play online.

You can read the official update within the screenshot below, which states “Routine PSN maintenance Monday 3/23, 9am-11:30am Pacific”. If you are in the UK, then PSN will go down at 4PM and 12 Noon in EST, USA.


As you can see above, the message also stated to “Log in prior to retain online play/app access”. This doesn’t always work out well for gamers, but we have found no problems getting online with PS4 if logged in before any PSN maintenance takes place on that day.

Will you try and sign in before the scheduled PSN maintenance starts on Monday? If you run into problems, let us know in the comments, as well as any error codes you see. You can find out more about CE-33992-6, E-82F001F7, NP-35000-8, NP-31952-0, WS-37504-9, and other maintenance errors at

The upcoming planned downtime comes just a couple of days after the new PSN status checker listed issues for online play, which included Call of Duty servers going down in March already. This will no doubt cause some PS3 and PS4 owners to be upset with outages so close together.

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  • Nathan

    Yesterday was a nightmare for playing advanced warfare, now we got some PSN maintenance to look forward to. I guess these things can’t be helped, just hope the pre-sign in works.