New PSN status checker lists issues for PS4, PS3 today

By Daniel Chubb - Mar 20, 2015

The new PlayStation Network status checker has listed problems with games on PS4 and PS3, which also explains the server connection problems in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare today. You can see the new PSN status checker at that currently shows a warning for some services experiencing issues.

Further to users reporting COD Advanced Warfare servers are down on March 20, we then heard directly from Sledgehammer Games in regard to their servers not being the reason for issues. You can see the updated tweet below from @shgames on Twitter, which basically detailed the PSN status update and issues with gaming services.


Sledgehammers update only came within the last 15 minutes, so it was clear the first tweet didn’t realize that the blame lied with Sony. The update just explained that the official PlayStation Twitter was reporting “issues connecting to Games and Social on PSN”, as you can see above.


This now explains exactly what’s going on, so you will need to wait for Sony to update their PSN status page in regard to social and gaming problems. If you are having issues with other games, not including Call of Duty, then we’d love to hear below and of course if you are seeing Advanced Warfare working again.

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  • The status page is down… I get file not found

  • jay

    In Chicago still can’t get on ps3 aw…but messaging works….wtf??

  • Jaylen Gibson

    Why do we even pay for PSN online services if we only get to play a faction of the time. Just everyone wait, they’re going to offer us a free game no one wants#stopdisrespectingus

    • AJ75

      A fraction like 358/365? Is Microsoft’s record PERFECT? Are ANY game servers’?

      • Jaylen Gibson

        Nothing is perfect of course, but I feel like Microsoft is more prepared for cyber attacks, geometric storms, etc. Since I’ve owned a PS4, my online/login services have failed numerous amounts of time.

      • Jaylen Gibson

        I’m just saying, if I pay for a subscription service I’m expecting to utilize the time the way that I(the customer) would like to use it.

  • Jeff

    Need for speed cant connect to EA servers . Im legit trying out games because im bored.

  • Jeff

    Oh dear. Ghost is up still . Or is it just me ?

  • Jeff

    It seems that black ops 2 is down too. Anybody enjoying this frustration?

  • t

    black ops 2 servers are down as well

  • evanstmj

    Seems odd that only aw down and as soon as the servers go down sledgehammer are extremly quick to point the blame at psn rather weird

  • Kerry

    Why is only advanced warfare not working for me and not other games, the PSN status page states it’s social and gaming, but I’m only having problems with COD. Strange, anyone else?

    • Katie

      Yup just cod my bf works

  • Barry

    Yet, advanced warfare servers are a joke right now, or shall I saw PSN according to the status update.