Destiny’s Xur is selling these items for March 20

It’s the week after Xur left the tower after bestowing his gratitude upon players by selling the mighty Red Death. Now, we have a heads-up on what Xur is selling today for March 20.

There can definitely be no complaints after last week, as not only did he have the Red Death – Xur had the Heavy Ammo too which is always welcomed.

Now, we can tell you that Xur’s location in the tower today is by the speaker area outside. His main exotic on sale is the Hard Light which is a weapon that we haven’t seen for a long time.


Earlier in the week we spoke about wanting to see the Thunderlord exotic machine gun, but so far it has eluded us and we haven’t seen it for months.

Aside from the Hard Light, Xur is also selling the MK 44 Stand Asides and the Mask of the Third Man. Watch the video below to see Xur’s full wares and as always, give us your reaction to what he is selling.

Are you happy this week or not – what did you buy?



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