COD Advanced Warfare servers down on March 20

By Daniel Chubb - Mar 20, 2015

Sledgehammer Games is aware that Call of Duty Advanced Warfare servers are down right now on PS3 and PS4. The confirmation arrived on Twitter on March 20, at 5PM in the UK and around 10AM PST, although reasons for the outage wasn’t given right away.

If you are playing COD Advanced Warfare on PS4, or PS3, then you shouldn’t be able to connect to the servers right now according to the official statement. You can see the tweet below, which basically explained “We’re aware of the PS4/PS3 Advanced Warfare connection issues and we’re working to resolve this ASAP”.


Are you having problems with COD Advanced Warfare servers today and if they are down for you, what location are you in? As per normal, you are advised to keep an eye on the official Sledgehammer Games Twitter channel for more information and for any ETA in regard to servers coming back online.

The new PSN status page is reporting all servers up and without issues at this time, although routine maintenance will be taking place on March 23 between 9am-11:30am PST.

Update: The message most PlayStation users are seeing states, “Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare service is not available at this time” and this is the pretty standard message that always appears when servers run into problems.

Update 2: It’s now clear the problem is with PlayStation Network and not Call of Duty servers. You can see the PSN status update in this article.

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  • seth

    Advanced warfare Systems is down here in cove when are thay going to fix it
    And to think i just got the game looks like no online play for me

  • we get booted from the game almost every time we play ,,with all the money they make you would think they could add some more servers.

  • Steven Martinez

    Down for me with Xbox 1. FLA.

  • We spend $ for this

    Back up in Va

  • Michael Sevilla

    Back up in rhode island. Platinum clan wars postponed til further notice.

  • Ddee

    Up los angeles

  • jrod357

    Back up in Hartford Connecticut

  • We spend $ for this

    it is back thank god thank you thank you


    Back online now for me! 😀

  • superman9857 .

    Down in Kansas city thank god for battlefield

  • We spend $ for this

    how long will it be out

  • We spend $ for this

    what is wrong with them we spend soo much money for this and do you see what we get

  • Dr Jonas

    Down in sweden, if I by a game and pay for PSN and your DLC maps, you better make It work, Its your job!!!!

  • Eh

    Down In Houston.

  • Ron

    How long?

  • Alicia

    Down in North Carolina, US and advanced warfare app does not work

  • wtf AW

    makes us PAY to play online and then Goes down every other day

  • wtf AW

    Advanced warfare Pisses me off

    • Eh

      It’s not AW per say, but the company,s server

  • wtf AW

    Down in DOha Qatar

  • MrWaffleHugger

    Down in The Netherlands

  • Cilo479

    Down in ireland 8:02

  • really

    Come on man get it back up im bored as hell

    • Doug12346

      Go outside

  • Steve lloyd

    This is crap!!!!

  • Dummeraffe

    Down in Germany,Dortmund 20:55 Uhr

  • Martin Rae

    Down in Scotland 19-50 pm

  • Pablo

    Down in Texas

  • Katelyn

    Down in ontriao 🙁

  • Joe

    Down in atlantis

  • Kickz

    And clan wars is about to freakin start

  • Down on Clan Wars. Nice Job Gent’s.

  • believe.It1987

    down out here on saturns moon titan.

  • Luke

    Down everywhere

  • Thomas

    Down in norway

  • Mocar

    Down in Parts Unknown

  • AW

    Down in Ohio

  • Harry White

    Down in Pluto

  • sugaz

    D irony.. i jus got havoc… played it first time today.. havent even tried the zombies yet.. wdh.. smh

  • Riicii

    Down in Finland

  • Someone

    down in belgium

  • sugaz

    Down in the caribbean..Trinidad and Tobago


    Down in Colorado

  • Jimbob

    Is it double xp

  • bhaveen

    Down in south Africa

  • Peter T.

    Down in NYC

  • Ron

    Current Advanced Warfare Status on PS4 is down here in NYC.

  • Nathan

    Down in Indiana

  • Kerry

    Down in Scotland and Ireland.

  • Tony

    Down in Canada

    • Peter T.

      How its been down in Canada?

      • John

        Down in Toronto

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    Down in Norway

  • Mike

    Down in Broadstairs UK