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PS4 2.50 Suspend Resume load time for GTA V

As we patiently wait for Sony to drop the PS4 2.50 update publicly, we have another preview to show you from the firmware. This time, a solid look at how the Suspend and Resume feature will work when going in and out of Rest Mode in GTA V.

The last time we spoke about this update, we gave you an 8 minute preview of the beta build – since some gamers couldn’t contain their excitement and released early videos showing some of the new features.

However, in that video we didn’t see Suspend / Resume in action – until now that is. A video which may not be up for much longer has surfaced, revealing that it takes around 15 seconds to resume state in GTA V after waking up from Rest Mode.


15 seconds is not bad at all for a game that usually has longer load times, so we’re pretty sure many of you will be happy with that statistic.

Even better if the Rest Mode resume load times will get faster depending on which game you are playing. For example, an indie game such as a tower defense could even load up as fast as sub-10 seconds, which would be great.

Either way, we have a feeling that this feature is going to prove to be a massive incentive for Sony in terms of overall PS4 features once it is fully rolled out to users.

Check out the video below while you still can and let us know what you think of the load times for Suspend / Resume on PS4.



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