New Mortal Kombat X finisher isn’t Animality

We have confirmation that another Mortal kombat X Kombat Kast will take place this Thursday. Ed Boon has confirmed that a new ‘Ality’ will be shown during the live stream, but according to a Tweet from the co-creator – it’s not going to be Animalities for Mortal Kombat X.

While this is disappointing personally for us since we loved them in UMK3, it’s exciting to think that NetherRealm could be putting an entirely new finisher in the game which we haven’t seen in previous games.

Then again, it could also be Babalities for Mortal Kombat X so either way it’s unmissable if you plan to pick up the game next month.


As always, the live stream is going to start at the same time, so that means 1pm Pacific Time, 4pm Eastern Time and 8pm for MK fans over in the UK.

You can see the Tweet above from Ed Boon which seemingly confirms that animalities is firmly off the list. Then again, is it another smokescreen from Boon which we’ve seen in the past?


Some Twitter users have been having fun guessing what it could be, so we can’t wait for the next stream to begin. It also looks like we’ll get a proper look at Mileena and Takeda in action too.

What new finishing move would you like to see in MKX that we’ve haven’t seen before? Assuming it is not a Babality, what else could it be?



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