New Ford Bronco release hopes following trademark filing

Those rumors of a new Ford Bronco do not want to go away, although a recent renewal of its trademark filing has started to refresh people’s interest once again. The thing is, Ford is always going to keep renewing its trademark of it classic SUV, and so we should not look too much into this.

However, some people still believe that trademark filings are like looking into the future within the auto industry, and so we could be looking at what could be. Personally, we feel that this is grabbing at straws, but there are so many of you out there that feel the time is right for a second coming.

New Ford Bronco release hopes

It’s been several years now since the whole O.J. Simpson saga, and so the time could be right for an all-new Bronco. Whenever people are asked what old classic vehicle they would like to see returned, it is the Bronco that tops the charts, some people also believe that it is best to leave the iconic SUV as part of American history.

Do you think it is strange that Ford has failed to bring back the Bronco? We have seen a hoax or two when it comes to the Bronco finally be released in a new form, but this has also generated a huge amount of interest from our readers. One of them said that he would love to see the return of the model with a 2.7-liter Eco Boost engine and to have the body shell similar to that of the Raptor and a manual transmission.

Where do you stand on the whole Bronco saga, should Ford bring it back or leave well alone?



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