Comcast outage in Elk Grove reveals social outcry

By Daniel Chubb - Mar 18, 2015

The latest Comcast outage has taken place in Elk Grove, California. Once again, this Internet outage has revealed how people connect on social media to update each other rather than rely just on official lines of communication.

You can see the Comcast outage in Elk Grove being tracked by Down Today and Down Detector. These websites track server status updates, website outages, and when Internet services run into problems with information flowing faster than official sources in most cases.


Comcast customers from the Sacramento County have taken to both these websites and Twitter, all with the aim of finding out why there’s a Comcast outage today on March 17/18. One customer said, “I heard 4am for internet to come back up in Elk Grove” and another reports, “Sacramento / Elk Grove, CA outage”.


Twitter is another way to find out about outages, or other Internet downtime before officials have time to report exactly what’s happening. You can see a couple of tweets above that were left minutes ago at the time of writing.

Are you having problems with Comcast today and if so, do you prefer social forms of information to find out what’s happening first? There’s official resources that will detail any downtime, which includes the “how to check for a Comcast outage” page on the official website. This page runs you through different options that include the XFINITY My Account App on Android and iPhone.

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  • Nathan

    No service in Elk Grove, ca.

  • Ron

    It is down in Elk Grove right now.