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Chrome Canary browser teases polished version speed

There seems to be a greater focus on browsers lately, what with Microsoft dropping Internet Explorer in favor of Project Spartan, and we also know that Google has been working on the Chrome Canary browser, which looks set to be far quicker than the current version, although it could take a bit of time to see that speed advantage.

Early testers can already download the experimental Chrome Canary web browser, and so will be able to get an idea of just what Google has planned. One of the biggest features with this updated version of the browser is its support for the HTTP/2 web standard.

Chrome Canary browser speed

Android Central reports that all websites will have to support this new standard in time, which is said to offer a much faster speed when web browsing. However, because not all websites will support HTTP/2 right away you will be hard pushed to notice the difference at this early stage.

Improving page speeds – The way in which Chrome Canary will help to make those all-important speed improvements is to decrease latency through various factors, which have yet to be detailed.

We are not certain how long it will be before most sites support the new HTTP/2 web standard, but once they do they will be far more responsive than they currently are.



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