Battlefield Hardline server connection down in US, UK

While the Battlefield Hardline launch has largely gone without any problems, at the moment it looks like there are some Battlefield Hardline server down issues in the US and UK right now.

First of all, there are one or two discrepancies that we’ve noticed. Head to the Battlefield Hardline server status checker here and click the green circle at the top right which reads server status.

At the current time, it states that there are no issues with Battlefield Hardline server connection problems on any platform.


However, we’ve spotted that on the official Battlefield Twitter page, the publisher has just said that they are aware of Battlefield Hardline Xbox One server problems.

If that’s the case, then how reliable is the server status checker when it comes to future outages? Over on the Origin server status checker, it also states ‘Limited’ under the Social tab which affects playing games online.


Let’s hope that EA clear up the situation soon and give some clarity on those server status checkers so that Xbox One users, or any other BF Hardline players for that matter are more informed in the future.

Have you experienced any problems with the Battlefield Hardline servers down on Xbox One, PS4 and PC since buying the game this week?



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