Surface Pro 4 Vs New MacBook for 2015 preference

By Alan Ng - Mar 17, 2015

With Apple having now unveiled the New MacBook 2015 model with a fanless design, all attention is now on Microsoft with regards to the highly anticipated Surface Pro 4 release date.

We know that a Surface Pro 4 2015 model is on the way, we just don’t know when. What we do know is that consumers will be looking for an alternative from Microsoft before they contemplate dropping $1299 on the entry level new MacBook – which now comes in a tempting gold option.

Until Microsoft decides to go public though, rumors are all we have to go on. If we were to believe the whispers online, the Surface Pro 4 is going to come in 12-inch and 14-inch sizes.

Apple’s new MacBook is 12-inches don’t forget so if the rumor about the Surface Pro 4 size is accurate, then some will definitely be looking at what Microsoft can offer them, which Apple can’t.

Then again, we’re also hearing that the Surface Pro 4 processor could end up being the Intel Core M too – the very same chip that is going to be powering the new MacBook.


Like the 2015 MacBook, it also means that the Surface Pro 4 will have a fanless design if the processor rumor is true. Windows 10 Vs Mac OS X Yosemite is also going to be a fierce battle, so it will basically come down to personal preference.

With the new MacBook priced at $1299, we are still expecting Microsoft to offer the Surface Pro 4 for under $1000 with the basic version. That would be a great way to attract consumers for those that are still unsure as to whether the new MacBook is worth it or not.

Timing is everything though. As we wait for Microsoft to finally announce the Surface Pro 4, watch the official new MacBook reveal below and let us know which product you are leaning towards the most at the moment.

Are you definitely buying the new MacBook at $1299, or will you get a Surface Pro 4 instead if it comes in at well under $1000, bearing in mind that the entry-level Pro 3 is $799.99?

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  • Adeski

    OS X wins over Windows for me, every time.

  • Luke Woolley

    I super hope SP4 doesn’t use the Core M line… all reports are they are underpowered, compromising too much performance for energy savings. Fingers crossed for 5th gen i3/i5/i7.

  • petervk

    Surface Pro 4 wins for me…hands down!

  • The Surface Pro line is (as the title says) for pro users. The new Macbook is not targeted for the pro users since Apple also has the Macbook Pro lineup as well. So I think it’s pretty obvious that both these devices cannot be compared.

  • Andrew Snyder

    If Microsoft releases the Surface Pro 4 as the first device loaded with Windows 10 I believe that would be the best move.

    Can’t wait!