Battlefield Hardline install problems for procrastinators

By Daniel Chubb - Mar 17, 2015

Those gamers not wanting to take advantage of the Battlefield Hardline preload might be complaining about install problems right now on Xbox One, PS4, and previous generation consoles. We touched on the Battlefield Hardline file install size yesterday for both digital, around 40GB, and the disc version that will be too slow to download for those with slower broadband connections.

During the beta, we saw problems with Battlefield Hardline installs stopping for many on different platforms. Some players today are even talking about servers being down, although this wasn’t an issue moments ago during our quick test before a full review. It’s hoped things run smooth without issues once higher activity starts later today in the United States and after Europe gets hands-on in a couple of days.


Are you having any problems with the Battlefield Hardline install, loading, or servers today? There’s different complaints being left by Product Reviews readers today, as those trying to install Battlefield Hardline are talking about this process not working as fast as they’d want. Then there’s others complaining about the loading time after download, so we’d love to hear from the community in regard to your experience.


If you held off and didn’t take advantage of the preload, then it’s fair to say you might be disappointed with the wait to install Battlefield Hardline. We should also note that other problems will emerge and some issues will need another update to fix, or a console reset might be the issue with disc reading errors, as seen in the tweet above. This particular gamer had an issue where their Xbox is not reading the game disc at all.

If you come across any easter eggs within Battlefield Hardline, then feel free to share these following those already found in the beta version.

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  • Jymere beckett

    Try turning OK this crazy I’m being waiting until 705 am 15% 1054 pm 39 %

  • Reluan

    I’m at 100% on my games and apps tab but when I go to the game it says Full Game 0%. Xbox One, if this is your fault; shame. D8<

    • Ninja89

      Dude I’m having the same problem. I says full game is at 0% even though it’s fully installed. Did you ever solve it?

  • Radz

    Im stuck in the loading installation

  • the last order

    Well I’m on 504 percent don’t know how long it’s taken but this is bizarre.

  • Jamesa

    thisa is your problems, such noob problems.

    mine installs to a certain point where it asks for disk 1, get it? its asking for disk 1 even its the one that is inserted, i have to restart my pc every time that this happens but it always happens when i foundout why its because my DVD rom is being forcefully uninstalled while installing battle field hardlines

  • jugularcomic

    I have been stuck at 98% for over an hour now

    • jugularcomic

      and its not even the update its just the install of the game

  • alex

    I’m stuck at 99% this sucks for Xbox one please help

  • marko

    mY DISC Game install stuck at 10%.. i did nothing, left everything as it was , did NOT close application, but Simply EJECTED the disc and put back in.. i could then hear it reading the disc and installed 1% every 2 minutes after that..

  • David Paterimos

    I have been downloading the digital copy with updates for 29 hours & it is stuck at 59%. This is my second attempt. I deleted it 2 days ago when it also got stuck at 57% Hard reset does nothing to fix it. Reinstalling did nothing to fix it. My internet speed according to my xbox one is 24bps. I even have the Ethernet cable plugged in thinking maybe the wifi was a problem. But last month it only took around 2.3 hours to dl call of duty advanced warfare. Any ideas or is this just another case of a game company not having its servers set up properly to handle the amount of traffic.

  • ray

    i have bought hardline for pc. my pc is only 6months old(not that this tells you much but it has good gear in it) taking like 2hrs to install for pc. its beyond the joke

  • Ben Derbyshire

    im on ps4 and mine got stuck at 12% for about an hour and i just turned of the console then turned it back on and went onto battlefield hardline and its 10 minutes later and its on 63% so just try that

  • Pissed off

    What an Effin joke 2 days and only half way.

  • stickynote

    I’m attempting to install with the disk now, it’s take about 30 minutes so far and was stuck at 6% after closing the app and opening it a couple of times on top of turning off my phone WiFi I’m up to 20%

  • dookerj

    mine got to 100% as seen on the ps4 information page for the game, clicking option to see this in realtime vs the watching the download bar. I Then loaded the game and it said I only had 15%! what? So I went back to the info tab and now it says approx 7GB. The game deletes some of its own data. I deleted and reinstalled, got to 100% again (info says status Completed) loaded it, exact same issue. I have 200GB of disk space free so that shouldn’t be an issue. I tried a hard reboot and restoring licenses. Also, when I press down the page says Play now but also Buy Now for 59.99$. I believe this is an unrelated glitch as I’ve seen it in other games like Killsone. I bought the digital download Deluxe Edition version, for reference. Lastly, I haven’t tested it yet, since the machine powers off, but if I leav the game at the prologue/intro screen I see the percentage meter going up slowly, as if the game is bypassing the built in download system and doing its own download. Terrible launch by all standards.

  • Zand93

    It’s a joke I’ve been waiting a whole night for it to install and it’s still at 26% , anyone know how to fix this or I’m going to break the game, ea and battlefield are a joke I want my money back!

    • Zand93

      And I’ve got it on disc, my brother tried to put it in his ps4 and it installed within 15 mins wtf

  • mattyland

    EA sure puts the ‘stall’ in install with this garbage.

    • Zand93

      It’s been taking days for me have you heard anything on how to fix this?

  • Flash

    3 days downloading already on ps4 and only 50%

    • Zand93

      I’m having the same problem have you found out any ways to fix this?

  • vfthbcggg

    I was looking forward to play that game. First time i bought digital copy ever. I took a day off. It wont install. Are you kidding me? Give me at least 20% off. You can put the money on my psn account sony okay

  • bxhabxbhsjs

    Wow. I payd 150 euro for ultimate edition. For this i get an ultimate a**f..k now. Thanks EA. Thanks sony. Youre great. Seriously? Dont you RETARDS have a playstation..? To try installing your goddamn crap game yourself? Before actually SELLING this b.s.??

  • BFhardline thoughts

    I bought the digital copy on xbox one at 11a.m. its is 8:40PM! now and I am stuck at 54% EA better give us some free battlepacks or double XP boosts because I do not want to have a repeat of halo mcc launch… Battlefeild games are my go to absolute favorite. Please fix it soon.

  • lol

    Will not even read disc, done a complete system rebuild and still not working!! All other games are fine just battlefield. Any suggestions before my boyfriend smashes up his ps4 would be greatful

  • Mad

    I’m stuck at 66%, and it’s been installing for 6 hours, but its been stuck on 66% for approx 2 now.. Why should it take such a long time installing a game? I’m on ps4 btw, digital copy.

  • BigOlive58

    I installed fine with the install disk then tried to switch over to single player. The disk would not read at all.

    I currently do not have live on my Xbox due to connection issues (my WiFi adapter broke).

    Is my copy defected, I bought at Target.

  • JQuest

    I have the disk on Xbox One and it stops at 16% smh.

  • Will E

    I bought the physical copy and my install has been at 54% for 10 hours.

    • dookerj

      It’s happening to digital DL users too; same thing. It is some bug

  • cam

    I started downloading 27 hours ago on Xbox one. I’m at 28% and was only able to play the short prologue. Maybe I should have bought a physical copy. My DL speed is not the greatest at 18Mbps but it’s not the worst. What the hell is going on?

  • Nick Edwards

    2 and a half days and imat 67 percent installing want money back

  • Jacob

    Piece of crap game, this is ridiculous and we all should get some sort of compensation like the map packs for free for this screw up on EAs end. Whos with me!?!

  • Oumar Deme

    On the ps4 is really fast…it only take me 15 minutes

  • CarolynWhary

    Any Idea on how long it will take to install from a physical disc onto the xbox one?

  • Guest

    Any idea on how long it will take to install from the disc?

  • Andrew

    5 hours and at 28% this is ridiculous what kind of person has like 10 hours to wait for a download, anyone who has to wait this long deserves some sort of compensation this is insane

  • Lord Fyr

    It’s been installing all night and it’s only 52% complete. I can’t do anything but replay the prologue mission.

  • pilot25

    150mbps and it only installs 1% every 20 mins or so. When will the BF series ever get a launch day correct. Totally ridiculous.

  • monster

    Also keep the app closed …highlight it an click options ..then information. .u can watch ur DL from there

  • monster

    I jus spoke with psn ..I’ve been installing for 5 hrs an was at 45% ..they told me my connection was slow..I knew it wasn’t but I tested it again an got 40mbps..then they told me to shut off any other device that may be using my Internet including phones on wifi… I did so… Now I’m cooking !! People turn ur phone to 4G an anything else u can think of…GL

  • David

    Welp im pissed 24 hrs later and only at 69% install this is bogus

  • Garrett Hamlin

    Took in total almost 16 hours. Most other games install in 20 minutes or less. This is absurd. I have 105Mbps internet.

  • unhappy_in_pa

    My install finished at 1:15 this morning. I opened the game at 9 am and it says 20% installed. 13 hours later it is at 42%….what gives???? I took the day off work to play this damn game!!!

  • Dingleberrey

    4hrs now and at 97%. Crossing my fingers. Only took my friend an hour. Can’t we get a new release with no start up issues?!?!

  • Mcat546

    Is anyone actually playing the game?

  • Luke

    PS4 users leave the application closed while its installing it installs faster. Still takes a while but I’m getting about 20% installed per hour

    • David

      Like literally close it all the way? Or just set at home screen with app running in background

  • Andy Kelso

    I’m stopped at 89%. It’s been stuck here for the last hour. I can’t even play online. I’m playing on Xbox one by the way.

  • Bill

    Im at 20% after 12 hours. So at this rate it will only take 2 1/2 days to download. Not too bad if you ask me… jk

  • John Chiado

    2 1/2 hours in, and have been at 27% for the past 35 minutes. any suggestions?

  • GhostOfAkina

    I DL’d Ryse just the other night since it was on sale, 36GBs took less than 30 min while DL’ing other games on PC via steam. Decided to start hardline about 6 hours ago, and only at 67%….how does EA NEVER get it right? It absolutely baffles me.

  • Matt Nelson

    Download took about an hour been installing for 6 hours or so and I’m at 56%…. I was pissed off like no other till I started reading other comments what a freaking joke

  • Trey Nivens

    Started downloading at 3 am last night… not sure how long it took to download because I went to sleep, but as of 6pm today the install was at 34%…

  • dale

    I’m at 44% 8 hours in wtf? Get it together battlefield😣😣😣

  • Jake

    I just want to say it took 4 or 5 hours to get to 39% and then stopped now it wont go past 1% what is going on I want to lay the game and no matter if I restart my xbox or clear the cashe it doesn’t work plz fix this

  • secretLOVER

    Im over in a crap town in Indonesia. Hotel offers up to 2Mb! Wasnt sure if it would work for MP but theirs nothing else to do. 5% every 12 hours or every JO sesh.

  • Brett

    at 66% after 16 hours

  • Luke

    Download took about 3 hours this morning. Install was at 49% after 6 hours. Found a thread about making sure ps4 is up to date and rebuilding the data base. Did all that no change in install speed. So……..deleted and now redownloading hopefully it will be better the second time around

    • John

      Tried to do that.. It’s not any better.

  • George

    Im 16 hours into the im game install and it’s only at 69% and it’s been at 69 % for about 3-4 hours now…. This is ridiculous!!!!

  • Davin

    83%… but I got to play the prologue…. which is nice.

    • tyric

      I played episode 1 after that it just keeps loading

  • Luis Adrian Carmona

    my digital install here is stuck at 2% for 3.5hr

  • eric

    4 hours of downloading, only increased by 12% 🙁

  • matt09

    I know the game is about 40GB but I have 50Mb and still going like snail mail.

  • matt09

    digital download takes forever!!!!!!!!!!!!
    over 3 hrs and only at 50%

  • graduategamers

    8hours of sleep and I woke up to 11.80Gb from 11.78Gb. What is wrong with the digital downloads?

  • Ebo787

    Downloaded the first 6GBin a flash with a 30mb download speed. I’ve just hit 14GB after waiting 9 hours. Not throttling either. Could this be because I bought the game off PSN and the high activity today?? Anyone else experiencing this nonsense?

  • pilgz

    I’m at 82% and it’s been like that for half hr

  • giff6986

    Mine is still installing i had it preloaded and gave up at 2am to wake up and see its still slowly installing and up too 84% ps4 69.99 version anybody else taking fforever? Looks like a blast tho

    • Walkdoog

      I got the digital version of hardline on PS4. I was stuck at 15% for approximately 4 hours. Then it it jumped to 17% wowwww so happy. So I let the Ps4 stay on all night got up for work looked at the game and noticed it was up to a wonderful 24% and the screen even told me I had a new episode. Now I don’t have to play the first episode nine more times hoping the game installs a little. So I guess I will be close to 50% by the time I get off work and if I keep this up I will be able to play the multi -player on my days off this weekend while everyone else is ranking up and memorizing the freaking maps. Thanks a lot the game’s Beta was having problems with installs and now the final product has the same problem. Everyone have fun playing all week I’ll HOPEFULLY be on this weekend being the new NOOB. Thanks dice !!!!!!!!

      • JT

        LMAO SAME HERE! I’m so pissed I can’t play it now….

  • Nath

    I’m having connection issues to the servers sometimes and get dropped from online games.

  • Mike

    I am finding the graphics a joke, I hope they can patch the graphics to make it look better than currently on PS4.

  • John

    My battlefield hardline digital download stops at 6.53gb, no idea why, anyone else with this problem?