Bans continue for GTA Online money glitch users

By Daniel Chubb - Mar 17, 2015

The bans Rockstar is handing out to those using a Grand Theft Auto V Online money glitch is still evident, as we have been contacted by a number of Product Reviews readers that play GTA Online and used a money glitch to soon after receive a ban. The hunt for new money glitches is clear after every GTA V update, which we also saw with new videos on YouTube right after the 1.08 PS4 and 1.22 PS3 patch notes went live.

It’s still not clear if all gamers know about the risk they run when using such glitches. Many players name these people “GTA 5 Cheats”, although others feel receiving a ban for using a GTA V money glitch is “a bit strong”. We will leave our readers to debate this in the comments, but one thing is clear right now, bans are continuing in March 2015.


You can see a screenshot below that one user reported to see after using a money glitch in GTA Online. The forum thread with this screen can be seen right here, only a few days ago, which included the message “you have been banned from Grand Theft Auto Online. Return to Grand Theft Auto V”. If you have seen this alert message as well, then we want to hear from you in the comments, especially if you used any type of money glitches or other cheats.


At the start of 2015, we noticed Rockstar were forced to issue a betting ban to combat problems. They explained that this feature had been disabled, but would return in a future title update. This alone reveals the issue of those trying to get a quick fix, when it comes to getting money fast and the situation is being handled by Rockstar as best they can with each update.

Do you think it’s a bit strong getting a GTA Online ban for using a money glitch and if so, have you personally received such a ban?

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  • AHJ Antonio

    I don’t want to play gta 5 no more because rockstar keep changing everything people getting banned for no reason , getting bad sports by blowing up people’s personal vehicles bad sport need to be removed for destroying personal vehicles that make no sense this is like the worst game ever I should not play it no more and take it back to gamestop to get my money back!

  • Ash Lawler

    Yeah I agree glitches can be fixed and won’t go to far but I really think the (BAD SPORT) needs to be removed for blowing up other players car because that stupid tbh you can kill a person blow up as many cars as u want and it’s fine but one players car and they moan please tell me the point in that

  • Nick

    If you think about it, people EXPLOITING the glitches are not breaking the game. They are helping it because they are EXPLOITING it. So then it is EASIER for Rockstar to find that Exploit and fix it.

  • When you play GTA several months and then you buy battle machines to destroy enemies, once you come up that you actually can’t kill them and destroy their private cars (Bad sports). It’s a big GTA fail and that caused many cheaters to appear in the game. GTA is about killing, robbery and so on, but not about SIMS-like behaviour..

  • kymura

    Keep banning the glitchers Rockstar 🙌.

  • chris

    The way I see it, if you won’t play fair, stay offline.

  • TonyRomo

    Is the whole system banned or only the user id/email adress?

    Thanks guys.

  • Russell Westbrook’s Expression

    swear ive glitched about 600,000,000 dollars in gta 5 in the begininning of the rowdy rebel days..

  • Arvin

    I never even cheated and i got banned i got the game two days ago

  • john

    Keep on banning those twats!! Have no sympathy for game breaking glitchers and cheaters!

  • Bob

    “The forum thread with this screen can be seen right here, only a few days ago, which included the message “you have been banned from Grand Theft Auto Online. Return to Grand Theft Auto V”.” – You’re all idiots. The journalist claims this ban occurred a couple of days ago, yet when I followed the link, I read the same exact thread I read some time last year. The thread itself is even dated as March 2014. Sorry Daniel, but your wishful thinking just went down the toilet.

  • William L. DeRieux IV

    I’m sure Rockstar, etc realizes that the glitches are bugs that need to be fixed.
    But, from their perspective — if you, as a gamer, know a glitch exists and exploit
    said glitch — they treat you as through you cheated (especially if you do it more
    than once).
    Now if they are banning people, on the first offense (ones that did not know the glitch
    existed and just got ‘lucky’) that may indeed be a little, too, harsh, but I doubt that’s
    whats actually happening, I suspect the bans are only for repeated offenders.

  • Mark

    you can get about 30k a time for first to four rounds of siege with two players. if you play properly it could take 20-30 mins. if you just boost probably take about 5-10 mins

  • TheNobleTruth

    Like I said I have a problem with hackers and modders. Not glitchers. The hacking and modding is getting ridiculous.

  • hmmmm

    Ban for finding a fault with their game is harsh it’s not the players fault it’s rockstars hacked lobbies I can understand the ban they are hacking but finding a fault in the game it’s nothing they should be happy that gamers are finding these I mean they obviously can’t to be honest I’ve bought shark cards and I’ve glitched money if I was to get banned so be it I wouldn’t purchase another one of their games because they have a fault in their game

    • Godlygamer911

      No, moron. IT is the players fault if they CHOOSE to exploit the bugs. Then they are CHOOSING to cheat. In no way is a ban a harsh way to punish cheaters.

  • Duche

    Guys and gals do you have any idea how hard the people at rockstar work if they just focused on the bug fixes it would be the same game for ever bans are useful for people who are too lazy to do jobs/heists in GTA online. That’s the point of online is to collaborate and beat jobs not cheat In all the money you need like I earned 500,000 dollars in two days just play the game with out cheats

  • GTAOKryFan

    I really feel that the ban is an appropriate measure. If you allow things to get out of control, and allow the lines to become “blurred” you can never go back and make the line straight and clean. The line that you should NEVER cross. Its fair and justified in my opinion. If you want to cheat, and win billions of GTA$, stay in Single Player. There’s a time and place for everything. Props to a swift and justified action Rockstar! Keep it up! Lets keep the game fun and legit, so others can enjoy a fair game also.

    For those of you who feel the ban is a little “strict”, I believe Rockstar has given ample time to adjust your play style to whatever you like. If you like to cheat and play as a bad sport, you end up in the cheaters and bad sport pools, that’s fair. Continue to break their rules in “clean” sessions, ban is fully justified. First timers, if you like to glitch money – go glitch in single player and STAY OUT OF GTA ONLINE.

    – Loving the crackdown on Cheaters, Glitchers, Hackers and Bad Sports.

    GTAO & Rockstar Fan

  • Players don’t matter to Rockstar. Only shark card sales matter to Rockstar. Wall Street greed will be the downfall of Rockstar, just as it has been for many other companies.

    • homicyd

      Without shark card purchases all you idiots complaining about them would need to pay for every dlc that we got for Free so far in the game. Do you think any game company would give you new content for free? Use your brains guys and think before you start typing away.

  • alex

    The game is called grand theft and promotes theft and violence of all kind then the creators spit there dummies out when players use money glitches and steal there potential revenue. Shame on you rockstar!!
    I agree with bans for people who hack the game and have things like the tow truck that was never included in online but to receive a ban for money glitches that is a error on rockstars part is very unjustified and should have been tested prior to release. After all we have been waiting long enough for new content. I am sure the game devolopers who stuffed up should be the 1st to be punished not the players/fans of the game that has made you very rich in buying the game alone before all the shark cards came out!!!

    • Godlygamer911

      Unjustified for banning people that cheat? Are you retarded?

  • GTA Server Techs Blow

    The servers are WAY to unstable to be issuing bans for THEIR mistakes.

    If the game run smoother online…then it would be justifiable to ban people for resorting to a glitch.

    what they should do is offer more in game incentive for players instead of pinch users at 69.99 for the title and 100 dollars to own a chopper and a few vehicles.

    100 in add on content in any other game buys you the farm

    remember that the CONSUMER makes you. Its someones JOB to ensure there arent loopholes. I sure hope whoever was ressponsible for the glitch looses their job.

    what a joke. Use your resources to fix your game. Not ban people for your lack of attention to detail.

    – a pissed “fan”

  • gta come on

    Hey rockstar when are you goin to fix your glitches my tattoos disappearing on ps4 you patched 3 money glitches in 1 week witch is first priority but when will we the players be your main priority?
    And thats why I dont support card sharks. This game is fun but the creators got harsh. Oh and whats up with red dead bein down for a year? Is it cause rd dont have card sharks?

  • primo

    Ban is quiet a bit too much for using money glitches. If they didn’t charge players an outrageous price for shark cards and if they gave everyone money to start with it wouldn’t be so bad. It’s hard to even play the game sometimes because the servers are terrible. They shouldn’t be so greedy 100 dollars for 8 million dollars online is nothing u can spend that in 2 minutes. 100 dollars for 100 million would be more fair.

  • Luke

    The only way to earn in game money and basically the whole game itself is crime, and you get banned for glitching… I’m disappointed there wasn’t a heist for glitching their software 🙁

  • bob

    if someone is exploiting a bug in the system i don’t see the problem. Its their fault in the first place for not catching the problem before they delivered it and if people did not use the glitch it would never be found and never fixed, as for people hacking servers and editing save files yeah banned them, they cheated.

  • Harry

    I think they should fix their broken game before they worry about banning people.

    • gta come on

      Yes 3 patches in 1 week for money glitches but no patches for problems we deal with
      I dont see nothing wrong with money glitches by this time I should had everything on this game
      The time I put in this game I could have beaten every game I had and own everything

  • Jaged

    I think it’s great. I see still many glitchers/hackers online. It’s horrible sometimes. Ban them!

    • gta come on

      Yeah you see glitchers and hackers why dont they ban them
      money glitching is different
      and I dont think you been playing gta online very long

  • Tom

    Cheaters are cheats, simple as that. Use a money glitch, then get a ban. These bans should last only so long though, and if you do it say 2 or 3 times, then it is a ban forever.

    • gta come on

      it is hard not to do money glitches sence card sharks are way over price servers are bad to many glitches customers are not there main priority making money in the game legitly will never get you far especially with the long loads
      money glitches are why to tempting and I blame the developers
      my opinion

  • Bob

    I think it is a big strong.