New Exo Zombies map 2 wish list for Advanced Warfare

By Daniel Chubb - Mar 16, 2015

The new Call of Duty Exo Zombies map 2 that will release with Advanced Warfare pack 2, known as Ascendance, couldn’t come soon enough for those spending hours each day playing the new zombie mode. To be honest, there’s one of the Product Reviews team that commits at least 2 hours a day just in Exo Zombies alone and they love the gameplay changes for the Advanced Warfare version.

Ideas for Advanced Warfare Exo Zombies map 2 – While the current Outbreak map in Advanced Warfare is impressive, we need some big changes in the next Exo Zombies map that will release with the Ascendance map pack. One of the changes our team would love is some moving transport, which we have already seen in past COD games with the zombie bus. What features would you like to see in the next Exo zombies map, and how could the developers improve on the first environment?


This could be a full blown vehicle, or a form of transport inside the internal environment that the players can work together on to survive while moving. This idea might not be for everyone, but it was great in the previous zombies game when one of the team got left behind and had to try and survive, which only added to the pressure.

The next special weapon – We love the CEL-3 Cauterizer in zombies map Outbreak, although our favorite still has to be the S-12 bullpup fully-automatic shotgun. This weapon tears the zombies apart in round one right up to the higher rounds, then when you upgrade the S-12 to max 20, it becomes something else.

We love to pair the S-12 with a second weapon like the MAHEM rocket launcher or the crossbow, this combination gives us the ability to kill many zombies at once or take them out in masses when close up. What is your idea weapon setup?

In terms of the next special weapon to replace or improve on the CEL-3 Cauterizer, we’d love to see a more powerful machine gun. Something pimped up in-line with the Cauterizer, but with a bigger spread, or even a gun the size of a machine gun turret. What type of weapon would you love to see, as the next special weapon introduced in zombies map 2?

There’s no doubt that we will see the zombie story unfold further and some cool ideas implemented when the release date arrives next month, but for now, share your ideas in the comments for both weapons and environment. It would also be great to be able to get higher, much higher up with zombies climbing to reach a tower of some sort. Again, these are just ideas we have and we’d love to hear a few from Product Reviews readers for future packs and how you’d improve on the first installment.

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  • HotNicksUK

    1. The blue exo zombies are the main reason why people can’t get to higher rounds. Introduce a perk (like the camouflage) which makes you immune to exo disabling.

    2. Need to introduce a huge super weapon like the thunder gun.

    3. Every gun upgrade should increase your ammo and power

    4. The Exo soldier should also allow you to equip a 3rd gun

    5. Nano swarms are not transparent enough. The rotating blue pattern doesn’t really work for us. Would be better if was more transparent and didn’t rotate.

  • Anonymous

    also maybe a submarine

  • Anonymous

    u should make a board with a plane like terminal with a zombie like panzer in black ops 2 origins

  • Timothy GW Buisker

    Also you should make a boss like the breeder in ghosts but way cooler

  • Timothy GW Buisker

    The ray gun omg should be back insane if you do

  • imperialfish

    It should be on an aircraft carrier, transport around should be submarine

  • Anonymous

    You should use ideas from the other game modes to enchance the zombie expiernce at some point. Instead of just upgrading for more power and being assigned a sight why not give us a way to choose/buy our own sigh and attachments via wall or drop box. Also I loved the idea of varied weapons I feel it made this the most distinguished of all the other call of duty’s it gave back hope of an otherwise dieing franchise for me. I hate to see all these gamemodes as separate part. Why can’t they be one hole beast. Have varied types of guns in both survival and zombies. Give us something to work towards and earn in these game modes rather then just getting to a higher round. More choices and options. If I know the gamer community that I fell in love with is that we love cusmtomability and options. Why settle for having to choose one gamemode when you can make it one entire beast with a play style of choice.

    • Anonymous

      I want more werewolves rather then more cuaterizers so to speak :p. Why settle for a great game when it could be the dream game. Go big or go home. Thats what makes a distinughed game that’s what makes us gamers. The fact of saying why not? Making the impossible possible. As far as tweaking a few minor bolts could make a huge difference in the grand scheme of things. Not just for the game, but for the industry as well. A represtation of you. As gamers we don’t want products we want realtionships. We take pride in what we chose. Its not a hobbie or a disc to buy its our lively hood an expression of ourself. Once you lose our trust then you lose the momentum you work so hard to build. Just to elaborate from a buisness standpoint. Money isn’t everything but everybody needs a roof and food. Investors need to be happy too lol

  • Lewis Murdock

    Bigger map’s is only issue I have

  • Shawn Smith

    Need better super weapons more story line maybe bring staffs back

  • gaunli

    More room to move would be good and maybe a machine gun and a craft table for developing explosive rounds! I would like the easter egg to remained open once it has been accomplished but a must have to get higher in the rounds. A way to transport and eventually link all the maps together would be cool as well.

  • The1AndOnlyFIRE

    Buildables and a more intracate easter egg something more like mob of the dead or origins in where your almost forced to do the easter egg to get to high round and where you got to do the different steps of the easter egg to get the special weapon and even more steps to upgrade it stuff like that I’m a twitch live streamer of all things call of duty and even the viewers rather watch me go back to black ops 2 for zombies and play maps like that we like puzzles most zombie players do and idk why everyone wants a bus when transit by most people is considered the worst out of the story line maps I enjoy it sometimes but most people dont use the bus they just teleport you see stuff like that like how you had to figure out you can teleport that’s what we want I’m sure many will agree twitch.TV/The1AndOnlyFIRE

  • dominic

    Higher powered cuaterizer and a Lazer powered shotgun

  • Alex

    instead of the bus they should add the hover bikes from campaign

  • sok

    Buildables please ^^

  • AWLoverParker

    I want a method of transportation. That’d be aweeesome!!! Also a air cannon or gattlon gun would be cool weapons

  • Nath

    Bring back the zombies bus, well not really but something like it would be cool in map 2.

  • Ricky

    I also want to see something different to the CEL-3 Cauterizer, it wasn’t better than a few of the other guns. We need something much better with zombies map 2.