GTA V 1.08 with minor PS4 patch notes

By Daniel Chubb - Mar 14, 2015

The Grand Theft Auto V 1.08 update came much sooner than some people thought with PS4 patch notes revealing quick fixes to reported problems. If you downloaded GTA Online Heists with the 1.07 update, then you might have issues receiving a fix in the GTA V 1.08 update that went live within the last 24 hours.

As you can see in the screenshot below, the PS4 GTA V update history reveals version 1.08 brings additional updates needed for stability and minor fixes, which aren’t named with the PS4 notes. The online multiplayer area is purely targeted with this update.


What improvements have you seen with the GTA V 1.08 update? Did you have any problems with Heists before installing the update today, or yesterday? While the original Heists DLC download received a mention on the official Rockstar newswire, it seems the 1.08 update didn’t get the same spotlight thanks to it being a quick patch for bug fixes.

Any changes Product Reviews readers notice can be detailed to the community below, so feel free to comment. We have reached out to Rockstar for a more detailed list and changelog, although we aren’t expecting an answer anytime soon.

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  • Pow Knockford

    I ain’t a no it all in GTA, in fact I’m broke and I need an apartment so I need a heist to pay the bills. On ps3 only got 69k…