Withings Activite Pop review, recall possible after glass cracking

By Daniel Chubb - Apr 17, 2016

The Withings Activite Pop might be debated if it can really be classed as a smartwatch, but the one thing this watch certainly achieves is encouraging healthy habits. We have been hands-on with the Withings Activite Pop for around one month, although our review included two watches thanks to the first breaking where you need it most.

On one evening out in February, just 2 weeks after purchasing the Withings Activite Pop, we looked at the time and saw glass missing thanks to the smashed display. It wasn’t clear how the Activite Pop glass could crack, but it did and we managed to get a replacement from Curry’s UK. After looking at other activity trackers and watches, we decided that none offer the battery life needed and features for tracking our activity, so naturally we wanted another Activite Pop rather than a refund.

Second time unlucky – While the Activite Pop did help us “embrace healthy habits” and it was great seeing our steps with a simple hand on the watch face, we discovered in a short time that the cheaper Activite Pop has been built very cheap in terms of glass display. The price in the UK is just under £120 and just under $150 in the United States.

Withings state the glass is made from, “mineral glass” and not the more expensive Sapphire glass seen with the original Withings Activite at $450. Considering the features explain you can use this watch up to 165 feet deep in water and while swimming, you wouldn’t expect the glass to just break with the slightest knock even on a flat laminate floor.

In our opinion, there should be a recall for the Withings Activite Pop and the second generation should release with improved glass on the watch face. Even if we don’t see a recall, you can be almost certain that we will be linking to this article in the future after Withings release a new generation with improved glass for the display.


We have reached out to Withings for a statement and haven’t had a reply at the time of publication. From our testing every day for a month, we wouldn’t recommend this generation of Activite Pop and hope Withings either include the Sapphire glass with a slightly higher price, or something else stronger than the current design. It’s worth noting that Curry’s customer service was amazing, much better than we first experienced and they refunded right away, so most people shouldn’t have a problem if they act shortly after purchase.


The metrics tracked include sleep, swimming, running, calories, distance, and steps. Activite Pop does this very well with slight inconsistencies. The app support is great right now if you are an Apple device user, Android development is underway at the time of writing, although the bottom-line is – all the features are useless if the screen keeps breaking with the slightest knock.

Have you purchased a Withings Activite Pop and if so, did the glass crack for you?

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  • Sue Brash

    Bought mine five days ago and it just broke , I am gutted its great so enjoying it.

  • Mark Scurr

    Same thing happend to mine, contacted wishing and got replacement, but 1 month later and my partners has done same just a popping noise and then a broken screen, it sort of mini explosion. I’m going to contact withings again and see what they say!

  • Chris Cope

    I’ve owned mine for just under a week and it has just cracked as I was sitting stationary in front of the TV with no apparent warning besides the small “pop” which grabbed my attention. I’ve now taken it off and placed it on the table in front of me and it continues to pop and crackle as the crack circumnavigates the glass… 🙁
    I liked the watch while it was working, but I won’t be replacing like for like.

  • Helen

    My watch literally ‘popped’ after about 4 months. But au cannot fault Withings customer service – instant response and no quibble replacement watch shipped out in less than 5 days. Love the watch, simple elegant activity tracking.

  • ddpacino

    Almost all of my glass is missing right now. There were no cracks or anything. I was cleaning up and searching for things and just happened to look at the watch. Almost all the glass is gone except for a perimeter. I don’t recall banging my wrist on anything so I’m shocked! Feel better that this may be a defect and they can replace it. I hope it free, and fast. I LOVE this thing!

  • Richard

    Same here – cracked glass with a pop and bad withings support. Up until the crack, a good thing.

  • Richard

    I purchased an activitie pop and my screen has cracked without even taking a knock! Very disappointed as I do like the watch.

  • Mm

    Glass broke while sleeping only after a month

  • Damnbeagles

    Two watch faces cracked. First replaced as bought direct from Withings but this took some time. The second was bought from Currys and has broken 10 minutes ago -will try replacement tomorrow. Hopefully will replace

  • Hannah486

    Mine cracked during my sleep! I though I had knocked it the night before, but I then found the glass in my bed. I bought mine directly from withings online and they are replacing it for me, but I, a bit concerned now that this is happening to others

  • Marc P Summers

    Mine cracked yesterday – with a popping sound – funny being as it is called Activite Pop

  • JCaesar

    My glass cracked twice already both watches within a month

  • dave

    my glass cracked drving home from the gym. Positive I didn’t knock it but I did go in the sauna after an outdoor swim

  • Level380

    Great write up…. but a coupe of things

    1. Android app has been out for about a week now. so yay

    2. Popped glass is VERY common, check out the facebook page for withings. They are replacing them. I think they will all be replaced at some stage, but until they change the design or glass, replacements will just keep breaking 🙁

    3. How is the sleep tracking? Does it work well on picking up when you went to sleep and woke up?

  • Anthony

    Yep, just happened, about ten minutes ago. Bought it 6 days ago and pretty sure I haven’t knocked it.

  • YeahRight

    OMG! My activity tracker just popped! I need to write a blog about it right away!

  • Leigh

    Yep, mine POPPED today. Going straight back.